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    Default PSO2 Is currently running?

    Just got back into PSO2 a few days ago, When i closed the game and came back a few hrs later to re launch the game the Tweaker says the game is currently running? I checked task manager and nothing is running and Ihave to restart my PC everytime I want to play again later.
    Any idea what is causeing it or how to fix it? only other PSO2 related stuff I have runing is, Chat translater and PSO2A.

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    This is something that Gameguard occasionally causes; the only solution is to restart your PC.

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    so now even restarting my PC isnt working rebooting and turning it off and back on. *sigh* i wanted to come back afterallmost 6mo but might as well uninstall.

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    Doing a "Fix Gameguard Errors" might help. I've honestly never had it happen in consecutive sessions, just every so often.

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    I tryed that i even uninstalled and re dled the game as soon as i log off,i am in a way locked out from the game even rebooting my PC doesnt fix it. and reinstalling the game everytime i want to play isnt much of a fix.

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    Check for deleted files on trouble shooting

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