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    I don't know about all of you, but I'm sick and tired of ISAMU and his spamming. I got sick of waiting for his posts to be cleaned up so I took action myself. Isamu has been hacked and now can't access

    There's no need to thank me - seeing him gone is thanks enough.

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    Can you contact his ISP?

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    Yes but seems that the next one is Macrospolus.

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    Most likely the same guy, just using multiple accounts.

    Spammers bore me. Not worth replying their threads.

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    Weird, first time I see a spammer playing the terrorists. "Give me my account back or I stop spamming!"

    Wow. I am speechless.
    "Sword logic? That's cute."

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    same guy, he's gone, lets hope he doesn't find a way back.

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