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    Default Sega ID Trouble - Sega Registration Error 008

    I've been trying to register for a Sega ID all day, and I keep getting either error 008 (which says something about network congestion) or a 403 error (which tells me I'm not allowed to access the registration site).

    I get the error after I put in all of my information and confirm it (the third step).

    Due to the amount of other people who have received this issue, and the fact that I also get the occasional 403 error, I'm going to assume its not just "network congestion," though I may be wrong.

    I checked other posts by people having the same issue, and I didn't make any progress...

    If you have any information that might help, please let me know...

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    Still having the same problem on a different server.

    Is it an issue on Sega's end?

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