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    I used to play on a very small private server. But eventually it went down and was never brought back up. I may look to hopping on a new server at some point, as long as any alterations to it aren't gamebreaking. Lately been playing PSO2 mostly (and No Man's Sky and Pokemon), and with classes starting next monday, so my time is preoccupied.

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    Unfortunately, the series is dead in the West. I'm also not too much of a fan of PSO2 and since we are IP blocked well...that sucks. I wish we could get Sega of America to actually care but it seems they won't bring us PSO anymore. I used to play on SCHTHACK too. I might play Nova on PSP someday...

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    Doesn't Nova have issues with hackers?
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    I play on RevPSO on and off depending on whether I have the time to even play PSO while balancing FFXIV/work/school. It's a pretty small community, but it's got its charm and has been quite the experience so far.

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    I don't remember if I have ever posted in this thread.
    Either way.

    I am currently playing on the PHANTASY STAR ONLINE BLUE BURST Ultima Private Server.
    Once I get a Nintendo GameCube Broadband Adapter, however, I plan on playing on either SCHTHACK or Sylverant through my GameCube!
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    I rarely play, but every once in awhile I jump into the Ephinea server. I'd be glad to play if anyone was interested, but I'm still at "Normal difficulty" levels because most of my time is in PSO2 currently.

    Also been hitting up Clementine PSU whenever they have public access, but that's not relevant here, huh.
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    Offline mostly on my softmodded wii.
    I sometimes log on schtserv for holiday rappies and gallons shop items but I enjoy knowing my characters are safe in the comfort of my own home only thing I have to worry about is corruption. Which I'll surely make sure I back up regularly
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    Hey everyone, I am just starting again with my old characters. I started playing. Banked my hacked items cuz I knew they were not necessary and then started playing. But from what I can tell, all I got were meseta and commons in boxes and drops with one run through the forest. Is this normal? I canít remember..... thanks!

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    I still actively play offline, and I run a pretty small server but it consists of just a large group of friends, other than that it hasn't branched out to public, and I doubt anyone would really care to play.

    Still praying SEGA will remaster/re-release the game but I doubt I'll see them ever doing it anymore.
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    I was thinking of getting PSO EP 1/2 Plus again but I sometimes play on Ephinea.

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