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    Default Looking for Black Nyack players (Ship 02)

    Come and find me at the corner table on B-010. Character name is Rook, player name is AI-WASS.

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    Do I get a cookie if I got the reference right?

    Hope you found your Black Nyack players, me and my friends actually play it quite a bit. One of them says Mesetan Shooter is much better for getting coins, but I'm terribad at it..
    So we play Nyack instead, but you don't find too many playing it.
    There should be a lobby that everyone who plays Nyack agrees to go to when they wanna play.

    "Like most amateurs, they probably think there's safety in numbers."

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    There's actually a block thats suppose to be dedicated for Casino players. B34. I've been playing on that block a lot lately since the GGG Trigger is going away on 6/10. I usually run into some people when I go there to play.

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