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    Default Team Spotted Ox Hostel looking for new members - ship 2

    So I recently created a team for me and a group of friends and we are looking to grow. Team name is the SpottedOxHostel and we are all on ship 2. Anyway, we are a pretty laid back group of about 6 fairly hardcore players, in that we play nearly everyday, that doesn't mean that we expect the same from everyone though, we are welcoming to all levels of players serious to casual. Currently most of us are in our 60s, me and one other team member are level capped on our main class, so we are just getting started at endgame. We are pretty laid back, no pressure, sort of group, so even if you don't play much, we don't care, we like all players. Would like to build up a group of about 20 regular players that just want to enjoy the game and have fun. Would like to do some organized 12 man runs every now and then, but like I said we are all here to help eachother and our team is trying to keep things laid back, as open and welcoming to new players as possible, and hopefully welcoming to seasoned players alike. Feel free to message me or respond if you are interested. Right now we do most of our communication during play via Skype.
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    If anyone out there is interested this is the thread to post in. I initially created another post that was in the wrong forum and then moved. We are welcoming to all players and are willing to help others farm for whatever they need. Our goal is to try and get each player the weapons/armor they want. After all this is an rpg about loot, loot, and loot.
    Junglechief - Ship 2 - Hunter/Fighter
    Chief - Ship 2 - Ranger/Braver

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