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    Default Buying the Classics

    I have PS, PSII, PSIII, Generations 1 and 2 and Collection. I got all the games for cheap years ago. PS being the most expensive at $30(Loose and got it this year) I want to buy PSIV on the Gen but I think I may just get the Sega Collection on PS3 instead because its $15 and the cartridge is $30+ I am in a budget and not only does all 4 PS games come in the collection but also other classic Sega games. I personally think its the best way to buy PS games. Just my personal opinion.

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    If you have Steam, you can get it for $7.50 US:
    Note that the Sega Genesis Classics Pack 5 has PS 2, PS 3, and PS4 (along with other games).

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    So 15 games for $7,5 with the genesis pack 5 with 3 PS games on it
    or 49 games for $15 with the genesis collection with 4 PS games?

    I think it is an easy decision, the genesis collection is a must have for Segafans.

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    If you are ok with digital then go for the Phantasy Star Collection from the Japanese Playstation Store, it includes the 4 games in both English and Japanese, a lot of extra options (run speed, difficulty switch, bug fixes, gallery, etc) and the text adventures and GG games (in Japanese). Make a Japanese account, buy a 1000 card from playasia or some place similar and download it into your PS3.


    Or you could always go with the retail, it's the Sega Ages 2500 Volume 32, but ebay tells me it's a bit pricey.

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