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    Weapons: Soul Banish, Meteor Cudgel, G-Assassins Sabers, Dancing hitogata, Heart of Poumn. Seriously, especially the last two had some wicked weapon design. But those are the top 5 off the top of my head.

    Favorite stage is Central Control Area - Jungle. so lush and relaxing! love the waterfalls.

    Mobs would be the Ill Gill Trio at the very end of Seat of the Heart. There was just something about their presence that made it feel like they were a trio antagonist group running the tower. It was a risky/dumb fight though because if Elly Died, the entire quest was reset. So it made for a thrilling challenge.
    YES!!! CCA hands down love the feel of all 3 areas in CCA before the end part on way to boss

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    I love all Rico"s weapon for the history of she.

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