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    Default Looking for a team

    Queen Zessica is looking for a team, I want to be able to do my TACOs with cool people on a somewhat daily basis.

    I'm pretty relaxed and stuff, skype is also a bonus.

    Level 40 Hu/Fi if you're wondering.

    Hope to hear from someone soon!

    High Demonic Commander Zessica! -Also a Hime.

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    Hello Zessica, if you want a team and are in ship 2 then come join Haru no Mizu we welcome everyone and help all members with anything they need. If you want you can send me a message in game my player ID is Midori Aoi.
    Player ID Name Midori Aoi
    Ship 2 character name Midori
    Player ID # 13131438
    Team Haru no Mizu 春の水

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    Welcome back Queen Zessica!

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