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    Default Good Place To Farm 11* Units For Passes?

    Xie, Zieg and Spellstone Shop 11* units can't be traded, just saying before anyone suggests them and I've already tried asking this in the quick questions thread, sorry, have 1 more thread to scroll past guys.

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    Run extreme quests, specifically floors 50+.

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    I know for sure that Zeta Guranz in Lillipa UQ drops his 11* units relativly frequently, the only current problem is that almost no one is running Lillipa UQ anymore. Diabo Igrithys could be a good one but the one in the LQ dies too fast that ppl can't destroy his part before his death (don't think about running the actual UQ) thus lowering dramatically the chance of 11* units (and the fact he's lvl 75 instead of lvl 80). The only ennemy i know that drop some more frequently than Gigur is Magatsu but it's an EQ and scheduled only so if your timezone prevents you from doing the eq, this isn't a good solution. Which then leaves the Gigur units or actually, the XQ 11* units but when they drop in a stage, so a rare stage between 51 and 70 with a booster will give you some for sure and you can trade them for passes.

    Also, uploading some PSO2 musics on Youtube when i got enough time to do it, i might have what you're looking for :

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    Quote Originally Posted by supersai8 View Post
    Run extreme quests, specifically floors 50+.
    Know which one specifically?
    I've been doing Glacial, floor 61-65, and Idk if the drop rate has been nerfed since the last time I played or I had good luck back then and terrible luck now, but it's not efficient at all.

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    Oh, forsaken aquatics has a good reputation especially the rare stage 61

    Also, uploading some PSO2 musics on Youtube when i got enough time to do it, i might have what you're looking for :

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    or do GGG trigger runs

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    Im currently in the same boat (~3 weeks of premium left ATM and would like to get a bunch of passes before then), so if you get a trigger party going let me know as I have enough casino coins.

    Otherwise if you try to get something scheduled for an extreme quest run or something I will join if we are in similar timezones.

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    ^ Also in the same boat,don't have any 11 sets or passes and don't wanna let my premium go to waste.
    xCherryRose lvl Bo 80+/Br 75+/Fo 75+/Gu 75+/Fi 75+/Hu 75+/Te 75+/Ra 50+/Su 75+/Hero 14.

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