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    Unhappy The dreaded GG 114 error

    I was up half the night and been working on it most of today to try to fix this darn GameGuard error.

    When it launches, it gives me the error submit screen. Then PSO2 splash for gameguard, another error screen, and it never loads. D:

    Reinstalled gameguard- nope
    Set permissions in Kaspersky and turn it off- nope
    Delete some programs that I think might be scanning- nope
    Turn off other programs (Geforce experience, razer, dropbox, spybot S&D)- nope
    Scanned for other viruses etc...- nope
    Windows and graphics drivers updated (I have NVIDIA)- nope
    Restarted PC multiple times- nope
    Updated old sound card drivers- nope
    Checked and repaired windows- nope
    Checked and repaired directx- nope

    I want this to work, I really do. I'd do anything. So if anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears. Even if it means screenshotting all my other running programs currently, lol.

    Updated- Here is my PC specs from dxdiag in case anyone is interested. I'm also using Verizon FiOS directly connected to the modem.

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    Okay, I'm not sure what happened, but here is how I fixed this. At least, for now, lol.

    Use msconfig for these btw.

    I did a diagnostic system startup, which basically disabled everything including the internet. Then I realized this isn't what I wanted, so I started in safe mode with networking.

    Ran the tweaker and launched PSO2. No GG 114 error and the game loaded, but crashed.

    Restarted in normal windows settings and like magic, PSO2 now works. For now.....I'm a bit leary about installing anything, but I hope it stays working.
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