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    I'm a PSO DC and GC vet.

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    I'm a PSO DC and XBOX vet.

    Played both versions on DC. My buddy used to bring his dreamcast over and use the upstairs line and I would run a cord out my window to my dads window downstairs lol. I would check my Hotmail and everything like that it was great.

    I have a broadband adapter on its way so as soon as it arrives you guys can count me in too. I don't have a lot of time always but there will be certain times of year like winter and summer where I can play almost hardcore amounts lol. Rest of the time might have to be once a week or somethin all depends. Making my character now though just bought a copy from the store that was still sealed lol, brand new copy of PSO lol.

    Looks like we have the same join date but chose different systems to move on to after. Us SEGA vagabonds lol

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    Does anyone remember someone named Mags from back then by chance? I think she was from Wisconsin or something

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    I played on the original DC servers, was my first online experience. I was such a noob that when I decided to create a new character--after achieving lvl 100 on my old guy--I simply deleted him, gear and all, and started over (like a complete idiot). I went on to Everquest, became a multimillionaire farming and selling ultra-rare gear and items. This game is PERFECTION for me--I'm addicted to that rare drop. I currently play on 'certain' servers on a Chinese Android handheld shaped like a 3DS, via WiFi.

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    How did I miss this. I started with a rented copy of V1 then got V2 for Christmas. Had to run to the video store to get the key code from the V1 disk too. Moved on to PSOX until it shut down then BB and PSU until they shut down. Played PSO2 for quite a bit and have now signed up for the Beta testing.

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    Never really got a chance to get into the DC version although I wanted to. Not sure I even had internet around that time, or a PC lol.

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    Some of us are still floating around here.
    Retired DC PSO Veteran: Silhouette HUnewearl 100 102 (Ver.2)
    Retired GC PSO Veteran: Silhouette HUnewearl 161 :: Za'leshea FOnewearl 172
    Retired PSU Veteran: Eternia F Beast FF15 Lvl142(PC) :: Elemia F Cast GM20 lvl174(360)

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    Default I SO miss that game.

    I played DC a lot. Played GC religiously! So many hours on that wonderful game. Even met my (EX) wife on there.

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    I was a GameCube player myself. Was never allowed to have a system. But I think the only friends I'll remember are psu players tbh

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