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    Default Old pso dc players

    Any of you people still around? I got bored and decided to try and find some of you. My names blunt

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    *raises hand*

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    Any of the old lobbyrats still come here? When guilds where huge

    =RR= of course

    any of you people?

    I used to go by just "BLUNT"

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    I went by Mr. Phelps. PSO is where I got my nickname.

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    its weird no one else has replied lol, i would have thought a lot of old DC and GC players still came here.

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    Tbh I was just kinda hoping my old friends from pso still came here and they'd see this lol it's a nostalgia grab

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    I only played big BIG time on GC in episode I & II, blue bursted it a few years later, but anyway my name was Vizous. Alot of people used to remember me, I always looked the same, red Humar alternate with long white hair. That and a lavis, but in the early days was a del saber combo, and we might've clashed swords together Blunto, I actuallly remember some maniac who didn't mind blunt being in his name at that early of a time! Might've been you haha
    PSO Dreamcast, Gamecube and Blue Burst and on: Vizous; Level: Kick your ass

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    I just saw an old forum a bunch of friends used to go to and realised I spoke to these people for years all the time and I'll probably never find them again. That truly sucks lol

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    I remember you. I don't know if you remember NED or Heyyou27, but I vaguely remember them hanging around you sometimes. I always hung around NED. My characters were Lady Angie/Starbreeze.

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    I remember ned and heyyou, funny guys

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