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    Quote Originally Posted by mother clusterfck View Post
    Thanks, will grind him as well.
    My question was actually not about how good he is but if there is a point in evolving rather than making a new pet if I don't care about the candy (or stats)?
    Hum if I understand well both the level 90 one and the lvl100 egg will have empty candy box...well all depend if you already used some caramel crushers on the level 90 one. Otherwise I don't see any point on not focusing on the level 100 one. That's still 10 levels less to grind and the spheres (for 12* exp egg, according you plan to buy those) you would use to go to level 100 would make the level 100 one get 2 or 3 levels I think.

    I would hatch the lvl100 eggs
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