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    Something that pisses me off...they could have easily gone with a mag-like design for the default appearance of the summons. That would have easily worked. Then they could have pet costumes. Bam, the class instantly works a million times better within PSO2 aesthetically.
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    Need more info before I even touch this class. The skill tree would have to be quite strong and not weaksauce at launch. As it stands, if it does use T-atk, I'm hoping batons can use techs, preferably alongside summons' own pas for combos.

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    There goes my hopes for a ranged/tech hybrid class.

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    I hope it's lazier than Fo/Te

    Doesn't have to be as OP, but if i can sleep and blow through things then im all for it.

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    One of those summons has origins within the series.

    Meet Myau.

    When they transform from eating a nut

    There's your origin for that one.

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    Lets speculate on a subclass. I've it's gonna be r/t-atk based class my money is on Ranger, cause it could weak bullet and attacked, if that animal can be used without a baton.

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    Weak Hit Advance only works for shooting attacks. My bet is on Fighter since its stances boost all attack types.

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    It'd be hilarious if the green cat pokemon's damage was all Tech-based and Fo main with Element Conversion and Mastery does more damage than Su main.

    Then I'd just check if pokemon are better vs mobs or bosses and main Lightning or Ice to plug the holes.

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    I'd imagine that they work like Wand Gear and JB attacks where they work off T-ATK but don't count as techs. Only techs qualify for Force's damage multipliers, so it'll probably be awful for Summoner.

    Personally betting on Summoner attacks to be like Elemental Burst and T-ATK PBs where they scale off T-ATK and any damage modifier that applies to all types of attacks, but aren't technically striking/ranged/tech attacks and thus don't apply for any of those multipliers. This would make them the most difficult class to boost damage for, with Fighter being one of the only suitable classes for it, since most of its multipliers work for all types of damage.

    Of course, if they have a variety of ATK types (and striking/ranged/tech attacks), then Fighter would still be one of the only suitable classes because, again, works for all types of damage.

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