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    Quote Originally Posted by Weaponslash View Post
    Also unless i am doing something wrong vulkans geki taking so long to build up plus the forced combo drop after you land a geki makes the damn thing so unsatisfying to use compared to chain machinegun synchron.
    Are you using the auto target ring? Because that ring makes pets try to do a normal attack any time the target moves even a little out of their normal attack range. It's usually not that noticeable, but because pets like Viola and Vulcan are so slow, sometimes it happens before you get the chance to do another PA, or even in the middle of a PA. It also tends to interrupt the 3rd normal attack for pets with combos, but most people don't care about that.

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    Not using that specific ring which makes me wonder where i miss the timing since i keep doing zan-ken loops without letting the full ken animation to go through (for quick testing) and then once that screen "flash" happens for geki and i initiate it,i immidiately start mashing zan again (even during gekis long animation) but still takes me 6 pas to get back to geki "flash" again instead of 5 after the first loop.

    Synchron requires 4 pas before geki and after the first loop it goes to 3 and i never seem to fail to keep that going which probably means i do something horribly wrong during vulkan.

    In any case looking forward to read vulcans frame/dps data to understand more about it

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