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    Default Looking For Team/Partners

    Are there any active teams looking for members?

    My current team is totally dead. I want to level quickly. Have premium. Willing to share or give rares/tickets/passes/whatever to keep the exp and meseta flowing. I am an intermediate player with a fast learning approach to play. Currently Lv61 Hu/Fi. Happy to level other classes to make a more useful addition to a team. Chatty but not annoyingly so. Happy to meet team goals and ultimately be a better player. Tired of solo/AI support play. Love grinding and happy to spend time doing repetitive tasks to achieve bigger goals. Active user of PSO2es.

    My crafting ability is progressing slowly but doing well. Doing crafting dailies and currently levelling my 10* equips and a red sword pet project. Also looking to make some cc on the casino circuit

    Have had some great help from some fantastic players with my current time on PSO2 but wanna take my gameplay to the next level. Craving a more active experience in chat and gameplay. I am a GMT player based in UK but happy to meet and quest at unsociable hours if required. I work a 9-5 office job so cannot get on at those times. Will also occasionally need sleep and family time lol...

    Currently Ship02 but happy to migrate for the right team.

    Hopefully I have fleshed out my desires and happy to discuss anything in thread or on PSO2. ID is gamesbloke.

    Huge thanks for your time and consideration.
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