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    Unhappy best advices for preparing a job proposal letter (CV) for corporation

    what are the best advices for preparing a job proposal letter (CV) for corporation in Canada? pls....

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    It needs to be tailored toward the position you are applying for. Keep it short and simple--don't water it down with a whole bunch of stuff that isn't relevant to what the employer is looking for.

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    pay very close attention to the company's requirements as specified in the job posting. Employers often need to hire people because they have very specific needs that have arisen. They need to know that the people who are applying have those specific skills (for more info see

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    Slightly older thread, but I will respond anyway.

    Go through the job posting and include all of the relevant keywords. Make sure that you mention all of skills and qualifications that they are looking for and describe how your previous experience fits to the actual job description.

    Never do a general cover letter. Tailor your cover letter to each new job application. Always mention the company and position by name.

    I usually start with why I am interested in that company and that specific position. Say one thing I admire about the company so that they know I am not just blindly applying, but have actually looked into what the company does.

    Then I outline how I fit all of the exact requirements that they are asking for in the position, but not like "I am a team leader, really motivated...." more like this "I display team leadership through......" "I have also proven myself to be extremely motivated when I took on....."

    Ideally you want to keep this to three paragraphs, short and precise.

    Also, not sure if this will be applicable to you or not, but you should only include a professional email address (something like this for example) a lot of businesses find gmail and especially hotmail to be unprofessional now. You should also have a LinkedIn profile and put the link on your CV as well.

    Hope that helps. Let me know if anything was unclear. By the way, what industry are you applying in? I used to work at a good recruitment firm and could pass along their info if you are interested. It can be very helpful.

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    Like any job make sure you include both your responsibilities but also your achievements. Try to quantitate your achievements. For example if you were in sales mention the sales targets you hit. I love this database of resume examples which helped me when writing my CV:
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