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    Default I'm Finally Free

    As of last night i am FINALLY free of Phantasy Star Universe Episode 1

    duke falz was a breeze with my grinded light element death dancer

    and now i'm in AOTI with my newly created character, my fully upgraded gh-450 partner machine, a spread of gear and skills and a few items i can only get in episode 1.

    and most important of all

    Karen's Partner Card.

    now the only thing that stands between me and starting into AOTI full tilt, is a makeover, some clothes shopping, the decision on whether to use rising strike or splendor crush as my twin saber skill.

    and the question of what photon arts are on sale at the disc shop on moatoob compared to what's on sale at the shop on the colony. cause as much as i liked taking spiral dance for a spin in episode 1 (that stingy cyberbitch lou finally forked it over on a mission in chapter 11) but i like gravity dance better and i'm not sure when it will become available ingame

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    i've only been playing ambition of the illuminus for a few hours and i'm already loving the free missions

    not playing to a time limit is so much better

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    Man i loved playing PSU it really was a great game i miss it

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    i miss the lobbies never have i seens a game that had a better lobby system then psu

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    Go to and vote to have it brought back on Xbox One as a backwards compatible game.

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