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    Maybe they meant usage ratio. That sounds about right. Partizan : Sword : WL is probably around 6:3:1 or 5:4:1

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    Isn't this just a universal subclass?

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    Hunter will be good when we finally abandon Guard Stance eating every other added skill just to be forgotten after. Now if Sega were as kind as to add more damage skills as Hunter main and not skills that are vital to the functioning of the medium tier Hunter weapon that should be able to function without it, that would be nice. The whole automated/flash/iron/massive will buff after EP3 was such a dumb decision. It was more of a buff for Ranger and LB Fighter than Hunter main using Hunter weapons. Not to say how terrible of a decision is giving "spam over end or anything other with super armor over and over again ignoring all hits" as a viable playstyle for a class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by InvertedWyvern View Post
    Isn't this just a universal subclass?
    Hunter main has fury gear boost which is pretty good for Hunter weapon
    Sword isn't really playable without fury gear boost

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    Hunter needs
    A) tanking or at least aggro management to become important, which warcry grabbing aggro continuously while active

    B) some good main class only skill that is better than a situational damage boost requiring a hell lot of points for 15% dmg, not working on bosses and needing at least 5 enemies in range while grabbing aggro which can sometimes be a bother to you and others, or a skill used only to make this one unwieldy mainclass weapon worth using or give a small, brief damage boost to another mainclass weapon

    mainclass weapon boost titles were a step in the right direction but I hope ep 4 cleans up at least part of this mess and nerfs some retarded mechanics.
    The game is easy enough, if we do a bit less damage in exchange for less BS metathe game will greatly benefit from it.

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    Hell no titles weren't a step in the right direction. It was the worst kind of fix for the problem of Fighter main having main class only skills that are way better than every other class that matters for that. Now we get absolutely no incentive for Hu/Fi to even begin using Double Saber/Knuckle/TD because you lose 10% from title, 15% from crit, 20% from LB + all the attack/PP boosts. Same with Br/Hu and many other classes that never had anything going for them. Sega just destroyed the whole idea of using weapons that aren't main class because Fighter's main class abilities were 15%/20%/PP regen/attack stat boost.

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    Well, at least it's a little incentive to use hu weapons as hu main...

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    Sword was actually usable but clunky and nobody would want to bother with it as Fi/Hu. Now there is no reason to even bother. I bet it would be overall better if critical strike was just made sub skill too.

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    wait, Hunter is separate main class? i thought its limited to sub

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    Quote Originally Posted by vantpers View Post
    Sword was actually usable but clunky and nobody would want to bother with it as Fi/Hu. Now there is no reason to even bother. I bet it would be overall better if critical strike was just made sub skill too.
    If Critical Strike is a sub skill, Bo/Fi would be like the best thing ever. If anything, it should be more worthwhile to use Hunter gear, and ability to cancel out some PAs.

    And maybe change weapon Gear and tweaking some utility skill.
    - Sword Gear: Making it fill like Katana Gear instead of the old gear, which would quickly lose gear and give it a minor damage buff on full gear.
    - Gear Unleash (changing Massive Hunter): main class only, converting all your gear to give you a super-armor and damage resist buff. Can be activate by Just Guard or manual activation. Manual activation have a maximum duration of 10s/per gear and 60s cooldown while Just Guard activation give 5s/per gear with no cooldown.

    For Wired Lance, I do want SEGA make WL's PAs easier to connect with boss hitboxes. For example, Heavenly Fall is just retarded on high attitude since it only deal damage on the grab but not the landing.
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