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    I wanna preface this saying that I'm not trying to call you out or anything. However, if you are struggling with PP maintenance you cannot criticise ANYTHING that will help maintain PP. Whether it is food, SSAs, potentials etc. Radiant response intentionally gives low returns as it affects multiple aspects of PP. Active (not really relevant for partizan), Passive and PP cost reduction. If you are using atra it is a brilliant SSA for partizan and the only other real choice aside from the PP regen while guarding thing (I think it is heavenly protection). I could just as easily say 'struggling with PP? just get better xDDD' as there are players who play partizan with full damage SSAs (I used to but had to change it for endless and it stuck with me) and they can still manage the weapon fine due to expertise. Remember: Uptime will mostly trump raw power so if you have to fill all SSA slots with PP regen aids then that's how it goes. It isn't uncommon for people to do that with their partizan, especially if it isn't their main weapon. And as a matter of fact partizan mains even have a PP regen partizan (again I don't because I'm lazy but ideally I would) so they can still do damage while being able to manage their PP better.

    Anyway the point is ANY SSA that helps PP in some way is useful. There is a new one called heavenly keeper or something that is pretty awesome considering it is -8% PP Consumption Reduction while in the air and +20% Natural & Attack PP Recovery while on the ground. I personally use cursed radiance because of the large PP you can get back. Considering it is per damage taken it also gives you godlike PP regen when statused with burn or poison and weak multihits immediately fill you up. If you use lethal intent S1 and cursed radiance (S2, S3 or both) then you get back 15%/30% of your PP every 20 seconds guaranteed.

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    Yeah well, if it's as tiny as 8% or so, pp regen buff doesn't matter and there are some better far options than Radiant Response.
    Also, I main hero so of course a weapon like partizan with its useless pp regen mechanic, especially when use expensive pas like vol graptor or sacred skewer T0 has really bad pp refill and also high pp usage in comparison.

    But this is July 2019 and already mid ep 6, by now a number of weapons have great pp recovery like jbs or katana so any weapon like partizan sticks out like a sore thumb cause it's not like pre most weapon pp buff anymore when only few weapons had good pp regen speed and on most weapons, even something like katana, you were stuck using normals often to refill pp or switch to another weapon (of course not really an option katana since you lose gear activation).
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    Pretty sure we're not mid Ep6 yet
    Quote Originally Posted by ZerotakerZX - the man stuck in 2014 View Post
    Kewl, I'm using double set still, since when crafted stat boosts can overcome any full 12* set.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mother clusterfck View Post
    Also, I main hero so...
    You... realize that Hero has THE WORST pp regeneration ability in the entire game right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reilet View Post
    You... realize that Hero has THE WORST pp regeneration ability in the entire game right?
    i'm pretty sure he's comparing the relative pp consumptions of the weapons. hero has access to TMG weapon action, so it kind of negates the point of normals to regen in the first place whereas partisan does not have any sort of equivalent mechanic.

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    What are the better affixes for sword and units? I finally decided to start working hard towards endgame content and I wanna make sure I get my gear to be the best it can be. I play standard HuFi but I also want to play some HuPh. Idk if each build would require different affixes or not either. If someone could let me know I'd appreciate it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mother clusterfck View Post
    Uh, what?
    And Radiant Response is worthless trash, you need at least 320pp to get a mere 20% pp regen boost like you get from Radiating Grace S1 and Radiating Grace 2 S3.

    Anyway, came to ask how to manage pp on partizan, especially when using vol graptor.
    I am forced to constantly swap back to my gs to regen pp cause the new pp mechanic on partizan is so pointless and using it means being so slow the rest of the mpa kills everything or rushes ahead so much I risk zoning out and not getting drops (needs to be twice the distance tbh)
    Okay so to add to anything that was said.

    - Yes Partizan is PP heavy but it makes sense from a balancing perspective, mobbing PAs cover a LOT of space and bossing is pretty darn damaging, so to keep both those aspect in check you gotta pay some form of price.

    - for PP the first step would be to get a lv20 Pp convert ring if you don't own one already. every boost to passive PP recovery also boosts partizan twirl PP recovery, so a convert ring means at the very least 90PP per twirl while convert is active.

    - Just guards with rising flag 0 is a must for PP regen since the JG gives you back 20PP and you still can let the post PA twirl happen to recover additional PP. Charge Parry also lets you upkeep your PP quite well.

    - When mobbing my best advice is to not overrely on partizan. Not that Partizan is bad at mobbing but it's goal is to get huge cleaves that get rid of the mobs before you run out of PP. If the mobs are too resilient and your PP recovery means aren't available, you might want to switch to weapons with better PP efficiency like Sword or WL.

    - As for bossing, twirls might feel like a waste of time, but you have a lot of opportunities to twirl without losing too much output. Generally you want to let the twirl happen after volg if you're under 50% PP, and perform the final PA of a volg combo on the ground to let the twirl happen. generally the twirl on that last PA is completely free since you need to let Volg explode before setting a new one, so the amount of time lost is minimal.

    For the rest, as it was said don't hesitate to go full PP contraptions. You might want to change your SSAs later but getting used to partisan PP management and rhythm can be tough,so better makes things a bit easier while learning the weapon, then decide whether you want to stay with PP SSAs or change later

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    Why is a hero main criticizing a partizan main on ssa choices? Have u even played partizan? Do u know what it means for partizan to have no pp? With sword hero you just start slapping normals and u maintain dps while regaining pp. With partizan, every PA twirl only restores about 1 PA wort of PP. And all of its combos start with a massive 40PP volg raptor. When you run out of PP, your dps is 0. ZERO. My god these people...

    Yes this isnt the optimal ssa build for top skill players, but to dismiss it as useless shows that you don't know how to use the weapon.
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    For anyone who is interested in Dragon Slayer-NT with the NT Crafting

    1) Yes, it's pretty good
    2) No, you should probably not do a build only around that (unless you're doing a normal only solo run or something)

    I suggest going HuPh with Attack Advance Ring (Of course around 200+ PP)

    Reason being is that HuPh has a good amount of power for Normal Attacks as Fi TAJA doesn't work on them, and it leaves room for viably doing other things during the quest. You also should bring along another Sword for Ign Parries at the very least because that PA is still broken.

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    I was going to use it on FiHu actually. LB + 650 atk witha potential 300 added on. will go well with atus.

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