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    Question Min/Maxing a RAcaseal

    I'm just going to apologize straight away for being one of those "1st Post, create question thread!" people because I know how annoying it can be, but I've been racking my brain over this, doing lots of Googling and researching to double check facts for a while now, and I just want to make sure that I've got it right so that I'm not throwing away hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours of effort here. So if someone can just sort of quickly double check my numbers here, you'd win so many karma points and have my immense thanks so that I can stop stressing over it.

    So... Using the combined powers of my brain and the "Character Stats" guide chart on this site, I'm trying to make a RAcaseal on PSO+ for the Gamecube with max ATP, ATA, and LCK, with all remaining points put into DFP. This is the most efficient way I've found to build it:


    This should leave me with the most stats possible while fitting that criteria, yes? There's no other odd factors or trickery that I'm missing or unaware of? Only taking into account things that are possible offline, that is. It seems pretty straightforward, and I think it's all okay, but I just want to be sure before I ruin everything forever as I tend to do. And thanks in advance to anyone that might look this over for me! (For bonus points: If I wanted to max DFP instead of ATP, I'd do the same thing except using 61 (going 1 over max) Defense Material and 44 Power Material, yeah?)

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    As far as I can see, the numbers makes sense for min/maxing a Racaseal. I had a Racast with Max stats and the mag is similar to what you have on the list

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    Thank you very much, you are absolutely wonderful!

    It seemed to all be right in my head, but given my incredible ability to overlook the obvious, I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't missing anything before making permanent changes. Your reassurance gives me great peace of mind, thanks again!

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    I used this guide to max out my RAcaseal.

    These builds allow you to have all your stats maxed at Lv200 but requires the use of a God/Ability. Seeing as you have PSO+ it shouldn't be too hard to find them if you want to use these builds as you can access the Tower Quests (Ultimate Purplenum Gibbles drop them).

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    Hmm. Was trying to do a sort of min/max without the use of units, but that is a very helpful link all the same. I mean, I suppose I don't really need all 4 slots free at once. 'Thanks very much, your assistance is greatly appreciated!

    Only thing that seems odd is on Method 1-B they go over the ATA limit by so much, why not just give the mag more POW instead to fill that gap a bit? I mean, the mag stats I linked in the first post was from a Sato that I got. (And it could even just be a 5/150/45/0.) Well, unless not all rare mags can be obtained with those stats and that's just the minimum that allows you to use any of them.

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    You don't have to use units to boost your stats if you don't want to. In the end she's your character and you can do what you want with her I'm just the sort of person who wants to have max stats on everything.

    I think they used the 5/145/50/0 spread because having an odd number in Dex when you need 2 DEX points for 1 ATA point wastes a level that could have been used to boost something else. There's also the fact that some rare Mags can only be obtained with that spread (Diwari, Bhima and Rati in this case for a RAcaseal). I personally use the second spread and the listed Mag stats because I wanted my RAcaseal to have a Diwari.

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    You have given me some inspiration though, will probably end up doing it the with-unit way. Can still have 2-3 slots free and even with just one God/Ability it's only trading a little ATP for a large boost in other areas.

    Think I'll end up going with my own little variation of it, with a 5/150/45/0 MAG and using 50 Power / 14 Evade Materials, so I can just add on some God/Legs if I really want that extra bit of EVA. It might not allow me to switch between a rare and non-rare mag so that I can max out stats with only one Unit, but I'll never play without one anyways, so it's all good. I do love the simple organized tables on that guide, makes it a very handy quick reference tool.

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