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    Default Anyone with a cutom/private server?

    Trying to start a fresh new character with a individual or a group if that many were interested. Also would like to play SH to farm/level up. If there is anyone with a server and would like to do this please contact me and let me know.

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    I'm down.

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    I'll help out. I've got a LV 80-something HUcast so if you ever get enough people i'm down for it

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    Im very interested in try this game, if you want to play online count on me.

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    There is that save Nintendo wifi server that phantasy star zero still works on but I think you need an r4 flash cart to download a patched version of the game to be able to get online

    Edit: found this guide on how to get ds games back online When I get an r4 card and get it figured out I'll start a fresh thread for those that are interested
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    I'm up for some games. I am in Europe though so timing might be an issue.

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