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    Default Episode 4 Story Discussion

    Is Pietro Luther's engrish reincarnation?

    Is sega shipping waifus around the world?

    Why there are fish on the ship's bridge?

    Now on a more serious note. I'm the only one who's extremely confused?

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    Apparently the answer is you go to Earth because Photons™ and the Power of Friendship™ you have with the mysterious shota you just met!

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    This game has a story? :y

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    Can anyone give a summary of the cutscene when we are thawed out?

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    "Sup you've been frozen for 2 years. Oh you lost your memories? No prob, just GET TO WORK!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Selphea View Post
    "Sup you've been frozen for 2 years. Oh you lost your memories? No prob, just GET TO WORK!"
    XD LMFAO Kinda figured thats what was going on

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    wait did we really lose our memories?

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    I think she mentions something about memories being patchy, but something might have been lost in my moon rune deciphering.

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    Damn, please tell me we didn't lose the memories from EP1 to EP3.

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    There goes my hope anime somewhat not linked to EP4 when menu + LOGOUT appear
    And no we doesn't seems to lose memories (important one so far...)

    So Demise is retconned now? (We get frozen after PD fight and no mention of apprentice + Sierra as new operator on TD4)

    Also Megane Sierra a cute.

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