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    Question Summoner Q&A: Beginner Guide and General Info. Maron/Melon, Rappy info dump at bottom

    Thought I'd throw this together to answer basic questions and get people started.
    Trying to compile information so people don't need to search through a billion threads.

    Note that it's still early and everyone's still learning Summoner.
    Some of this info may be incorrect or incomplete.

    Recent updates:
    - Went through the guide and rewrote a bunch of stuff, fixed many errors and added info here and there.
    - Shuffled the order of some stuff, moved some questions into different categories.
    - Added a few new things here and there, clarifying which attacks/candies are good to use, etc.
    - Added a Quick Start Guide for people who can't be bothered reading through the Q&A.
    - Added a palette setup example to the Setting Up section.
    - Corrected error about Candy Remover.
    - Added Candy Box examples.
    - Edited Quick Start Guide.
    - Added info about compressed candy being bound to you.
    - Added mechanics Q&A translations from swiki.
    - Added info about how to search for rarer eggs.
    - Added info about units.
    - Added a few tips on how to play.
    - Added info regarding Summoner as Friend Partner.
    - Added clarification of the subclass EXP skill.
    - Replaced the Summoner main skill tree links with English links.

    Old updates:
    - Added PSO2ES info.
    - Added high-grade candy info.
    - Added maximum level per rarity info.
    - Added pet personalities.
    - Added pet attacks.
    - Corrected method to increase pet rarity.
    - Corrected info about candies supposedly breaking.
    - Specified that lock-on can be used to target specific enemies.
    - Added clarifications about pet and pet name visibility to other players.
    - Added PSo2ES chip info.
    - Added info about moving candies within box.
    - Added info on how to change pet personality.
    - Added info about limits of each candy type.
    - Clarified info about removing different kinds of blocks from the candy box.
    - Added info about maximum bonus stats and rarity.
    - A few other corrections and additional clarifications here and there.
    - Clarified that pets are bound to character.
    - Added more info about pet attacks.
    - Added a sample skill tree.
    - Added info on how to delete pet.
    - Added note about not being able to use two of the same Parfait.
    - Clarified ability to change personality using same level rarity.
    - Added some clarification, info and suggestions on which stat to focus on.
    - Added info about changing personality not resetting level.
    - Added recommendation to decide on personality before going above rarity 9.
    - Added some clarification on pet damage calculations.
    - Added title reward parfait and roll info.

    Quick Start Guide:


    Setting Up:

    Raising Pets:

    Candy Box:

    How to Play:

    Pet Attacks:

    Pet Personalities:

    Pet Mechanics:

    - Selphea
    - LonelyGaruga
    - dot_Hacker
    - Sp-24
    - Dnd
    - Kondibon
    - nevershootme
    - Z-0
    - Everyone else on this forum who contributed information.
    - JP swiki

    If you notice any inconsistencies or think of anything to add, please feel free to post about it.

    Unsorted stuff:

    Quote Originally Posted by Bellion View Post
    Not a lot of people seem to know about the buff effects of Torim Shout so I guess I'll list them here.

    Torim Shout buff lasts for 20 seconds
    1. +20% damage to Torim Slash
    2. +66-67% damage to Torim Bullet(My personal tests seem to indicate that it's 66.67%, so close enough)
    3. +150% damage to Torim Spiral

    "Hot PAs" eh, almost everything has some use.
    For Wanda
    Wanda Slicer serves a similar purpose to Katana's Sakura Endo with a bit more AoE but weaker.
    Wanda Shock is about Katana's Kanran circular AoE.
    Wanda Break is a circular AoE but has less range than Wanda Shock but does more damage if you can get enemies close enough.
    Wanda Pulser deals damage throughout time. Worth using this and Wanda Slicer for bosses.
    Wanda Assault is just to call your pet back to keep it safe or to buff it for sympathy time.

    For Torim
    Torim Stab may be used to close a gap and great for spamming for burst damage.
    Torim Slash is a PP efficient PA capable of dealing good damage, it's also Torim's only decent AoE for directly dealing damage. The flaw with this PA is that the attack stops if your targeted spot disappears.
    Torim Shout should be used for its buffing effects to other PAs. See top of the post.
    Torim Bullet is to call your pet just like for Wanda Assault. It's worth using for damaging bosses over time when used with the Shout buff.
    Torim Spiral highest damaging PA but requires 5 seconds and piss-poor range, so it's merely a PA to use as things spawn or immobilized for long enough.
    For bosses that will most likely not get hit by Torim Spiral, use a mix of Torim Bullet(w/ Shout buff), Stab, and Slash.

    I don't touch Sally because ew. I'll let someone more knowledgeable post about that pet.

    Quote Originally Posted by Poyonche View Post
    With Sally too all the PAs have their use.

    Sally Curse is just here to apply Jellen, which can be useful in TD when a mini boss is close to a tower and it is starting to hit
    Sally Fall is kind of a Gravity Point for bow, hit 4 times, damages aren't that bad even tho it could be better, but it is important for the two following PAs
    When enemies are gathered, just spam the shit out of Sally Plode, or Sally Territory, tho this one is taking more time to be op (there is a glitch to cast it w/o PP decreasing).
    Sally Chaser is uh... when enemies are far and close to each other, just spam this, it knocks down enemies and ... chase what is close to it.

    Actually, I find Sally to be useful in TD quest, it is the support pet afterall.
    ( I would have liked that Sally Curse applies Jellen and Zalure tho _(:3」∠)_ )

    Maron and Melon info dump:

    Quote Originally Posted by Kondibon View Post
    They charge up when hit and have a PA to throw them that makes them explode to deal damage. Maron's is REALLY strong, but Melon's can be used multiple times if you time it right. Melon also revives faster than every other pet. If you leave them at full charge they explode anyway, and if they're near you when they do it damages you too. It won't drop you below 1 hp though. Switching pets makes them lose their charges.

    I already explained how their charges work to someone else.

    Originally Posted by Kondibon View Post
    EDIT: alright, yeah, it's based off the number of hits, not the damage and there's 3 charge levels if you include no charge. Melon goes up one charge each time its hit, so it only takes 2 hits to get it to max charge. Maron goes up a charge every 3 hits, so it takes 6 hits to get it to max. Also they only seem to automatically explode at max charge. You can tell they're at max because of the fire effect on them. If they have just the glow then they're only at one charge level.

    As for their PAs, they share all of them mechanically, and the only differences are some slight number tweaks. Also 3 of their PAs are alternate versions of other pet PAs

    Melon/Maron Shield: lets you use them to block, you're basically invincible from the front until they die or you stop holding down the PA. It costs 5 pp and drains about 1 every 2 seconds, so it's not hard to maintain.

    Melon/Maron Strike: You throw them and they explode. Maron's is stronger, and Melon's lets you throw it multiple times if you time it right, though it'll still eventually blow up automatically at full charge either way. Also, they won't explode unless they hit an enemy, so if you throw them at a wall or a non-enemy destructable (boxes, baize, those rocks in forest, etc), they just kinda bounce off. It can be useful for keeping Melon alive since it'll still faint if you hit an enemy with it without continuing the chain.

    Melon/Maron Break: Like Wonda break but lower PP cost and no knock down. Melon's is weaker and costs more pp than Maron's though, for some reason (probably because of its higher base attack).

    Melon/Maron Chaser: Like Cery chaser but with a higher cost, and the projectile is slower, longer lasting, doesn't knock things down, and is weaker. Because it's slower and lasts longer though it tends to loop around and hit things easier, so it can actually be pretty good to throw out a few if you're using them for mobbing for whatever reason. Again, Melon's is weaker, but the cost is the same.

    Melon/Maron Curse: Like Torim Bullet, but has a higher damage notation, and pp cost. I haven't tested it enough to know what the difference is.

    EDIT: It tics faster, that seems to be the difference.

    Finally they both have the same personalities. やせ我慢 gives them a chance to heal when hit, 逆境 makes them do more damage at low hp, but I don't know what the percent is (JP wiki says 10% at lv3).

    And finally, Melon has the highest defense and lowest hp of all the pets; Maron has the highest hp, and second lowest defense.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kondibon View Post
    I remembered the explosions stun enemies too, so stunlocking stuff might be an option for melon. I don't think there's enough content that would be useful for though. It might be good for TD, but getting melon to max charge without dying there might actually be hard. I know it's usful in UQs, but those aren't even relevant ATM.

    Also, I joked before the update about 5 Marons and a Torim or Melon being the new SU meta. I actually think it might work for some stuff. >_>
    Quote Originally Posted by nevershootme View Post
    Melon can stun mobs.. but it's range is horrible compared to Wanda shock.

    And only the small fry can be stunned in TD, not the Goldrahdas.

    In fact, Sega should have introduced status effect modifiers (maybe in a form of candy...)

    Either way, I wanna know how good is the Rappy pet..
    Quote Originally Posted by Bellion View Post
    Go with the damage personality for both. If you need to heal your pet, then you have the ability to call them back with either shield or strike PAs and proceed to use an uncharged resta.

    You may also Just Guard with the shield PA.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kondibon View Post
    They won't get charges if you do that though.

    But that segues nicely into something else. They DO get charges from hits that proc Pet Photon barrier.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kondibon View Post
    Honestly the justguard from it seems to be what happens if an enemy somehow hits YOU from the front. I have it happen even when I've been guarding for a while If I'm too close to something, turning quickly, or get hit from an angle.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kondibon View Post
    Wouldn't strike resist candy sticks be more useful than gummies on Maron?

    Derp, I forgot they're horizontal, not vertical.

    EDIT: Oh, and I know that's your Maron, but the revive speed rolls aren't worth it on Melon, it already revives in less than 20 seconds and the revive speed bonus is a percent, you'd be better off with hp cookies or conversion rolls depending on how well you think you can keep the poor thing alive.
    Quote Originally Posted by TaigaUC View Post

    A site with some Maron Meron Candy Box setup stuff.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bellion View Post

    Pancake 2
    Pancake 3
    Hell-bent Parfait
    Blast Parfait
    2 Revive faster rolls
    4 Body Sandwiches
    Bunch of Stamina Gummies
    Quote Originally Posted by Dinosaur View Post
    Maron notes after a month of usage:
    • For single target, use Curse+Point Assist then Chaser and/or normal attacks.

    • For multi target, use Chaser.

    • Don't go out of the way to build up hits on Maron as it does enough damage on its own. Only shield when you really need to or if its a painfully obvious situation you can take advantage of. Other than that, let it get hit on its own and use mirage escape for defense.

    • Normal Attack recovers 13 > 14 > 15 pp. An enormous amount on top of very high normal attack damage. 2nd and 3rd normal attack hits deal significantly more damage, even more than Torim.

    • Mixing in normal attacks inbetween PAs can keep your PP pool really healthy. With substitute roll + alter ego, you can consistently land 'normal attack > chaser > normal attack > chaser ...' when you are at single digit pp.

    • Chaser, Break, and Curse cause Maron to move backwards a bit after usage.

    • Throwing Maron with Alter Ego does not deal damage to you.

    • Use Shield to recall, defend, and/or force hits on Maron. Can also be used to get a good look at Maron's size if unsure.

    • Traps and some stage hazards can be used to build up hits on Maron.

    • After Maron gets hit 6 times, Maron will be ready to be thrown and will self-destruct in 15 seconds. Self-destruct does not damage enemies, so it is important to recognize how much time you have and act accordingly.

    • You may benefit from having 2 or 3 Marons, especially if your other pets are not 13-star.

    I've been primarily using Maron for the past couple weeks and have been consistently getting top of parser. All parser jokes aside, it looks like it averages around 10mil damage in XH mpas. Most of the time, I don't ever get to throw it at maximum size. The potency of this pet is no mistake. Chaser is the majority of my damage as one chaser can hit single or multiple enemies consecutive times. Due to Maron's high PP recovery, spamming Chaser is easy. Curse + Normal attacks can rack up damage on single targets very well. All-in-all, an extremely versatile pet that offers consistent damage in any situation with ease.

    PS: This is as Su/Br or Su/Fi with 12-star Maron.

    Bonus note for Melon: Almost everything applies about Melon from above. However, I found its quite efficient to multi-throw Melon at stage 2, but not before throwing a few Chasers or a Curse. Readying Melon to throw again then mirage escaping will allow you to retain your Melon's life, particularly when Melon is at stage 2.

    Don't forget to use Point Assist every time its up! (thats every 15 seconds)

    Quote Originally Posted by Altiea View Post
    So, after using the Rappy for about two hours, I think I have some sufficient data about how it works. I thought it'd be productive to dump everything I know into a guide about Summoners, so here ya go.


    How to acquire: Deluxe Package ($60~$70)

    What's it like?: You know how Wanda is the "mobbing" pet, Trim is the "bossing" pet, and Sari is the "support" pet? Well, Rappy does all of those. He's effectively the "jack of all trades" pet that handles everything pretty well, but isn't too overpowered or anything (*cough*Maron*cough*).

    Stats: Low. Like, really low. But you knew that already. HP caps out at low 1400~, ATK caps out at low to mid 600~, not counting bonus stats. DEF is fair; compare to a Maron.

    Personality: Super-Early Wake Up -- Reduces Pet KO time for all Pets (and something about Rare Items).

    Normal Attack: Two pecks, recovers about 10 PP total. Unlike other normal attacks, Rappy's normal attack doesn't flow into stronger attacks, you just get the two pecks.

    Photon Arts:
    Rappy Melody: 20 PP, 763 Power at Lv. 17. Weak Resta effect with a weak DOT effect. Resta effect extends to both itself and all allied units, effectively making it the only Pet that can self-heal. DOT deals as much damage as a normal attack; worthless except for taking out low-grade trash.

    Rappy Drop: 20 PP, 1530 Power at Lv. 17. Rappy quickly rises into the air then stomps the ground with an AOE effect. Essentially the Rappy version of Wanda/Maron Break, except it costs more and is slightly more potent. Quick execution means that it's very easily spammable as long as PP is left in the bucket. AOE range isn't half-bad as well, allowing you to take out groups within a Step and a half of Rappy.

    Rappy Cannon: 15 PP, 1032 Power at Lv. 17. Rappy spawns Rappy Cannons that have a spawn delay, then launch Rappies out that fly towards enemies and explode on contact. Rappy's resident recall PA; using it just once will bring it back to you. As the projectile arcs like an actual rocket, close-range usage is effectively pointless. Damage is rather high, and holding the button will continuously spawn rockets. Will not be effective if anything is between the rocket and the target, since the rocket will explode on contact.

    Rappy Sonic: 20 PP, 4401 Power at Lv. 17. Rappy pecks, and if the peck connects, Rappies converge on the point of contact at high speed and deal five hits of damage. Effectively the Rappy version of Trim Rush, except it's a lot less wieldy. The PA will eat your PP regardless of whether the initial peck connects or not, and once it does, the Rappy barrage will not track the target in question, rendering it ineffective against moving targets. However, it makes up for it in high potency, and is wonderfully useful when enemies aren't actively running away from you.

    Rappy End: 40 PP, 7777 Power at Lv. 17. Rappy faces the intended target and begins to summon a large stack of Rappies upon itself. When the buttons is depressed, Rappy slams the stack down, dealing huge damage to anyone in direct contact with the tower. Think of it like Trim Spiral, except it's slightly cheaper, substantially faster, and significantly weaker. The effective range is also pretty large. Once charging starts, Rappy's position is locked in, meaning that you had better hope that what you're fighting isn't going to run away within the next second and a half. Damage is rather high as expected, and with a stunned target and enough PP in the pool, you can pull off three Rappy Ends in the time it takes to pull off Trim Shout + fully charged Trim Spiral.

    How good is it?: 7/10. Good power and coverage, but PAs are rather slippery to control and stats are low. For a Pet, it's actually pretty balanced, as it's decent in everything, but doesn't excel in anything.
    Last edited by TaigaUC; May 9, 2016 at 04:01 PM.

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    I would like to see a video footage of candy getting broken after a failed grind. \. _./

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    Thank you for the compilation of information.

    But why is Br Weak Stance so weak; are pets unable to hit weak spots due to their typeless damage?

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    It's because it was tested on non-weak mobs. On an actual weak point it should kick in, but what I was trying to look for was whether Weak Stance behavior worked like how techs work i.e. full effect as long as weak element, or like how striking and ranged attacks work, i.e. must hit a weak spot despite elemental weakness.

    Also Force and Techer look a bit better than they really are because they were tested on a lowbie, and I took TATK Ups on those classes and didn't turn on any of the Switch skills for other classes.

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    So, can pet personality level up?
    >Heavy Hammer
    >get blow off by an Oodan

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    Yes, it does along with the pet.

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    how to increase pet rarety? pet already max level andalready fed higher rarety egg but nothing happen

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    You don't feed it a rare egg. You need to go to the shop area to the pet lab and let the woman do her Dudu magic by selecting "Increase Pet Rarity".

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    Then I got it wrong. I thought my pet went up in rarity from feeding.

    Someone somewhere said levelling pet personality/potential also increases rarity.
    Is that a thing or what?

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    I thought the only way to increase the personality's level was to level up the pet.

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