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    ok thx for the bumps i guess
    i dabbed 4 times, not 3, not 2, not 5, but 4

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    i dabbed 4 times, not 3, not 2, not 5, but 4

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    I guess I can jump into the grouping vs soloing argument.

    I used to believe that PSO-2 is not "affected" by people soloing. However, I remember how the Guild Wars 1 community said the same thing, as well as communities in Lineage 2 and many other games. What happened in these games were that developers had to make a patching choice.... To make a game more soloable which would mean that many players instead of grouping would simply pick the soloing classes and take their chances with those classes, ending in crippling the grouping players since it would mean

    "Why group when I can raise an ultra-powerful soloing class?" and it would make the grouping players out to be like newbs since when a single class combination or configuration can do more than an entire party, then yes... Either the game is broken to that class or something is seriously wrong with the party in question.

    In PSO-2 the patches encouraged Soloing, which meant that they discouraged grouping and hence, the community took the effect of that choice made by SEGA, and it manifested itself in each time there was an MPA that required a group. This is where 99% of complaints appear....In Guild Wars 1, the developers took the middle ground and patched to create more stable Henchmen and Heroes. This allowed a singleplayer to Solo an Area with Seven NPCs, but it was never faster per capita than decent groups of players who liked playing together and knew how to play.

    Then there were few MMOs out there in which the developers decided to patch out the soloing concept of classes in instances and dungeons due to the fact that they felt it was one player getting away with the loot and intention that were to be the rewards for groups playing together. The reaction to these were soloing players who actually were trying a lot harder and were making Duoing Combinations in rounds and maps. Still a group of two. By putting elements in the dungeons that destroyed pure soloing, it made it harder for a single player to get away with soloing a map. In short, it encouraged grouping.

    My point is that I've played enough games where I've seen patches side soloing or grouping.

    I liked games that did reach the middle ground and put a Soloing Version of a Dungeon, A Normal Mode Party version and a super hard expert mode or elite mode to a dungeon. This allowed everyone to run the areas and have rewards scale accordingly.

    The more interesting thing is that regardless which side one takes (Soloing or grouping), in the end regardless the game I've played it has always come down to gear. Many arguments dealing with Gear, Skills and Synergy.
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    dabs on keilyn
    i dabbed 4 times, not 3, not 2, not 5, but 4

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    i dabbed 4 times, not 3, not 2, not 5, but 4

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    bumping this for old times sake
    i dabbed 4 times, not 3, not 2, not 5, but 4

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    I'll have to join this when I get home from work. It's getting kinda hard / boring to still be soloing when I'm level 65, and things start hitting harder.
    Stupid, stupid rat creatures!

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    Assuming its still decently active it could be fun. Playing Solo all the time does get boring.

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    bumping up again!
    i dabbed 4 times, not 3, not 2, not 5, but 4

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    Will join.

    The other one has me removed immediately upon joining because reasons

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