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    '04 master race.

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    I was lurking since the first days, but only made an account in good old 06
    Ship 03
    ID: Xical - Team: Epsilon
    Ra lvl 90, Gu lvl 90, Fo lvl 90, Te lvl 90, Hu lvl 90, Fi lvl 90, Br lvl 89, Bo lvl 90, Su lvl 90, Hr lvl 90, Ph lvl 90.
    Pround RAmars since 2001

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    Surely a few of the '01 members are still around. I joined during PSOGC days, nearly 13 years ago.

    HUnewearl power since 2003

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    Hugs Neith, I'm not alone.

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    Checks.... 2005-2016= ten years since its not june yet.

    i'm old ;_;

    hmm... i need to fix my sig.
    Graphics Designer/Product Designer/Illustrator/General handy guy/not taking any requests right now.

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    Oh god, this thread made me think to go back and look at my first post. I suddenly hate 15 year-old me a lot more than I remember.

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    Man I didn't even know PS existed until like '09, when I started playing PSO for the first time (I know right?). Only signed up here after PSO2 though, although I'm still playing PSO rofl.
    I suddenly hate 15 year-old me a lot more than I remember.
    Going on old forums and reading my old posts just makes me wish I never existed back then.

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    My first ever online account was in 2002 for sonic adventure 2 battle. It wasn't long until I was on PSO forums after that

    I was late signing up here- my old forums were either dying off or getting a bit on the rubbish side.

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    Like many others, I was a lurker here for a few years before I finally decided to join. I previously engaged in PSO discussion in 2 other forums before finally deciding to sign up here. Haven't looked back since!
    PSO, PSU, PS:Po, PSZ | PSO2: Jergraw (All classes 90) Lunaeris Demoria (Fo/Te 90) Onlak (Hr 90)
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    I found this site when PSO2 DCv2 came out, but never joined until PSO GC - Been here since.
    Blink & you might miss it! ;3

    Oh, keep it 600x180 px & 49KB, yah?

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