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    Default Skill ring Quick breakdown of all rings, and a level guide.

    This is just a quick rundown of skill rings~

    For the picture attached , the rows stand for this , in order -
    Attachment 4190
    L /JG Sonic Arrow - When Just Guarding, chance to trigger Sonic Arrow at boosted power
    power 175% at level 1 / consumes 20 PP | level 17 208% power 4 pp consume

    L/JG heavenly F- Same as above, only with heavenly fall instead.
    L/Jg Rising Flag Same as above, only with Rising flag instead.

    L/DS Kamitachi - Activate Wind Weapon gear for double saber at a porc rate % chance, when you use the following Pas : Tornado dance, (or crafted) Scissor Edge, Rumbling Moon, Illusion Rave, Fake capture, Surprise Dunk, Deadly archer, Acro Effect, Deadly Circle.
    5% chance to trigger At level 1- 100% chance to activate at level 20 .(POwer is unaffected)

    L/TD Air Chase - When locking onto an enemy and performing regualr attacks with twin dagger while in air, a homing effect will apply.
    (similar to katana combat) ((Must be in air)

    L / knuckle chaser - Same as above, only it's knuckles only, and only when you're on the ground.

    L / S Front roll- perform a frontward stylish roll - gunner/mechs

    power increase bonus for each level 101% bonus to RATK at level 1, 120% at level 20.

    L / Katana Rear guard - makes the katana stay in guard mode by making gear open. After guard is released, gear gauge fills slower.

    level 1 reduces gear by 290% (150% at level 10) gear gauge fill 0% till level 10
    level 11~ 20 gear reduced by 150% gear gauge fill 1%/2%/3%/4%/5%/6%/7%/8%/9%/10% (levels 11,12~20)

    L / Db snatch - When using dual blade wep action dodge manuever, deal more samage to enemies with snatch grab skill.
    level 1 - 40% more power, level 209 1800% more power.

    L/ C Tech parry -
    Perform a JG when charging techs
    effect duration 0.03 sec at level 1 up to 0.60 seconds at level 20

    L/ RR field - reduce the recast time for reverser field (techer skill)

    level 1 recast time reduced to 70%
    level 20 recast time reduced to 50%

    L / Hunter Gear Save - decrease the amount of gear gauge used/lost.
    gear consumption/gear reduction rate reduced to 75% at level 1
    Gear comsumption/ gear reduction rate reduced to 50% at level 20 .

    L / HIgh time keep - During Showtime/Hightime boost, prevent loss of hightime bonuses when you take damage. ( at a proc rate % to trigger)
    5% chance to trigger at level 1, 100% chance to trigger at level 20
    This means at level 20, you will NEVER lose high time bonus when you take damage.

    L/ Short combat - Removes the homing effect katana combat usually delivers.

    R / Massive Hunter To further improve the effects of massive hunter skill.
    level 1~10 damage reduced to 99%
    effect time 15 seconds for level 1~5||||16~20sec levels 6~10)
    recast time 120 seconds at level 1~ 100seconds at level 6.

    damage 95% level 11, ~91% level 16, 90% levels 17 ~20
    effect 20 seconds levels 11~16|||21~25 seconds levels 16~20
    recast time 100 seconds levels 11~15 ||| 95~90 seconds levels 16~20.

    R/ C strike S-Atk- add critical damage bonus + critical hit chance % to S-Atk
    level 1~5 crit dmg 100% critcal rate +1%~5%
    level 6~10 crit dmg 101% critical rate 6%~10%
    level 11~19 crit dmg 102% critical rate+11%~19%
    level 20 103% critical damage / 120% critical hit rate.

    C/ Strike R- Atk same as above, only for R-Atk.
    C/Strike T-Atk same as above, only for T-Atk

    R / Killing bonus- add more pp when an enemy is killed near you .
    level 1 ~ 1 pp per enemy level 10 ~ 2.80 Pp per enemy
    level 11 +3 pp per enemy , level 20 +5 pp per enemey

    R/ Perfect keeper S-Atk. Increases S-Atk when Hp is above a certain %
    Level 1 101% more dmage if hp is 100%
    level 10 102% more damage if Hp is over 94%
    level 11~20 103% more damage is hp is above 94% ( at 11)
    if Hp is above 84% at level 15
    If Hp is above 78% at level 18
    If Hp is above 75% at level 20

    R/ P keeper R-Atk same as above , only for R-atk damage

    R/ P Keeper T-Atk - same as above, only for t-atk damage.

    R/ Photon flare- increases t-atk gained when using photon flare

    level 1~10 +150 T-Atk
    effect duration 20 seconds for levels 1~5. 21~25 seconds for levels 6~10
    recast 100 seconds at level 1, 80 seconds at level 5~10

    level 11~15 +155 T-atk~+175 T-Atk Effect time 25 seconds, Recast 80 seconds
    levels 16~20 +180 t-atk~ +200 t-Atk Effect time 26 secoinds~30 seconds
    Recast time 74 seconds~ 70 seconds.

    R/ Pp convert Automatic pp recovery is incrreased for a certain period of time. MAx Hp also decreases during this time.

    Level 1~10 Pp recovery rate =1.00
    Hp max value 75%
    Levels 1~5 effect time 10 seconds , levels 6~10 11~15 seconds
    recast time 130 seconds~122 for levels 1~5, 120 seconds for levels 6~10

    Level 11~15 Pp +1.10~+1.40
    Hp max value 74%~71% for levels 11~14 (70% for l;evels 15~20)
    Effect time 15 seconds for levels 11~15, 16~20 seconds for levels 16~20
    Recast time 120 seconds for levels 11~15, 118 seconds ~110 seconds for lvls 16~20

    R/ Attack advance- power of regular attacks is increased.

    power 101% at level 1 ~120% at level 20.

    R / EPPR field- Same skill as Bouncers PP restore element field. (use elemental advantage in the field generated, and gain the pp listed)

    pp gain level 1~10 +1
    level 1~5 effect time 20 seconds, 25~19 fo levels 6~10
    recast time for levels 1~5 120seconds~112. 100 secoinds for levels 6~10

    pp gain 1.2~+2 for levels 11~15. +2.20~+3 for 16~20
    effect 30 seconds for leve;s 11~15, 35~40 seconds for levels 16~20.
    recast time 100 seconds for 11~15, 90 seconds ~ 80 seconds for levels 16~20.

    R/ Boost slayer- Does more damage to "boosted" enemies\
    ( sorry after typing and tranlslating for 2 hours, I just wanted to get this done, last ring XD i was very MEH at this point, thanks for the correction, but was that attitiude neccesary?)

    That's all of them!
    hopefully this helps ppl.
    Thank Temmie for the work here :3

    (all info from pso2.swiki/jp)
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    Wrong SF i believe.

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    Linked to your guide from my crappy guide.

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    My testing indicates that the homing effect for TD Air Chase also applies to the Photon Arts Facet Folia and Scar Fugue when executed in the air. No other PA's were homing, however, only those two and the normal air attacks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TaigaUC View Post
    Linked to your guide from my crappy guide.
    You haven't updated your sig yet for your latest guides though?
    Quote Originally Posted by Keilyn View Post
    She goes into the boy's room and finds a shrine of herself there. The boy appears and tells her that her entire family is dead, where he chains her up....commits a rather heinous crime. Proceeds to murder her and leave her for dead...and then the game closes with a graphic representation and sounds of her being buried and seeing herself from the heavens being buried.

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    L / HIgh time keep - During Showtime/Hightime boost, prevent loss of hightime bonuses when you take damage. ( at a proc rate % to trigger)
    5% chance to trigger at level 1, 100% chance to trigger at level 20
    This means at level 20, you will NEVER lose high time bonus when you take damage.
    Me heard/read that this ring effect actually only proc ONE TIME EACH HIGH TIME, and it DOES NOT PREVENT ONE MORE TIME FROM BEING LOST TO THE ATTACK.

    R/ Boost slayer- any slayer skill is increased dmg.

    101% at level 1 ~ 120% power at level 20.
    This one is just out right completely wrong and doesn't make any sense.

    Boost Slayer ring increases your damage against BOOSTED ENEMY, 3% at lv20 and decreases your damage taken from BOOSTED ENEMY, 20% at lv20

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    and you're wrong on high time, though.
    it prevents loss of hightime effects when you take damage, there;s no other way to read this ring.

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    Also, Front S-Roll only increases the damage of the regular attack that you do during S-Roll, not to R-Atk which your post implies.
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