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    Had some progress. Clean Windows 7 32 bit VM in VMWare Workstation, 1GB VRAM applied. Able to get both 3D Ripper DX and Ninjaripper to hook into the game but Gameguard borks right after I get logged in with an NP1013 error code. So I am taking a wild guess that is a key point in the process that Gameguard does some checks before the player actually gets on the server.

    Haven't had a chance to try the character creation demo yet but have it installed. Will require me to try and recreate my character from scratch but shouldn't be too difficult.

    As far as weapons go, and for those who are familiar with the file extraction process, how difficult are those to come by at this stage? Or is that going to come down to modelling them by hand?

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    Items are relatively easier, once past the decryption they function like assets from other games.

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    Don't try it on the main client as I said. Gameguard won't like you.

    To get your character offline, just save out a character creator file by visiting the este counter. You'll lose any parts that the demo doesn't have, however.

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    I want to rip my character's models and 3D print them some day. That way when this game is gone my characters will remain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raujinn View Post
    Don't try it on the main client as I said. Gameguard won't like you.

    To get your character offline, just save out a character creator file by visiting the este counter. You'll lose any parts that the demo doesn't have, however.
    Ahh. Good info! I did catch your comment about the main client earlier but wanted to give it a go anyways on a sterile windows install. At least there's an idea where GG ends up triggering at. It was a pretty repeatable spot right where it transitioned from the login screen to the character select screen. Also Raujinn if you make any further progress on your end, please do let me know. More informatioj the better IMHO. I am going to add my current leap in progress below:

    Got past the biggest and most annoying hurdle. Unfortunately in the VM I couldn't get the character creation demo to run so I had to do this from the host side. As a result the options in both 3D Ripper DX and Ninjaripper to launch the app directly did not work (even with the PSO2 Bat file options). Ninjaripper however has the 'passive' option of using a hacked d3d9 dll which allows you to use the native PSO2 launcher which ended up being the winner here.

    Here's pretty much my step by step:

    Go grab the latest Ninjaripper and the associated importer script (Only 3DS Max is supported). These are pretty easy to find. The first handful of results on google have a generic Ninjaripper tutorial with download links.

    1 ) Install the character creation demo (There was one released just recently for Ep4). My advice is to crank all the settings to max even if it'll run like crap on your specs. You're not really going to be playing the game here.
    2 ) Launch Ninjaripper and point it at the pso2.exe file for the demo (NOT the main game) and in the drop down select the D3D9 option. Hit run and after a few seconds exit out.
    3 ) In the main game, go to the beauty shop/makeover area. Use the save/export option.
    4 ) Go back to the character creation demo and launch it and go into the character creation screen.
    5 ) After you have selected your race/class you should have a similar option to load your character data (you can either compare menu locations to the main game if you can't read Japanese or in my case I use Google Translate on my phone which will use the camera to OCR the screen)
    6 ) Once loaded your character should be there in all its glory. In my own case I only have one accessory not added on. As Raujinn noted, there may be some missing due to them not being in the demo. Additionally the demo does have a handful of pose options you may also use if you desire.
    7 ) At any point in time you can hit the F10 key and the demo will freeze for a few moments. This is a good sign as it is writing the model data to disk. You can also do so multiple times for different pose positions for example.
    8 ) Once you are done you may close out of the demo and jump right into 3DS Max.
    9 ) In 3DS Max you'll need to select 'Run Script' from the scripting menu and select the importer from earlier.

    Now here is where it gets tricky and I am sure there are many ways to go about it. I'm a bit rusty at 3DS Max myself (haven't used it in depth since HS back in 03-04) and have never worked with this type of data so I am just posting how I did it:

    If you go to the PSO2 demo folder where the pso2.exe file is located you should have a _NinjaRipper folder. Under that you should have a couple of folders which will be pretty self explanatory. ie: The folder name with the most recent timestamp for pso2.exe will be what you are looking for. Under that you may have a single folder or multiple depending on how many times you have hit F10. Under those you'll notice there are a boatload of files. The ones we are looking at are the .rip files.

    Back in 3DS Max with the Importer window open I used the group option after getting annoyed opening one file at a time out of nearly a thousand. First box will want you to select the folder where the .rip files are located. Second will ask for a sequence of files. In one of my cases mine only went up to 0963 so I entered 0000-0963 in this box. Hit Import and wait.

    Once it is done it will practically have every 3d object in that scene loaded. 3DS Max thankfully makes it dead simple to higlight objects in view and delete them. Pretty easy to dwindle it down to just your character.

    At this point it is out of my hands as far as advice goes. As Raujinn has already pointed out, this process leaves a lot of bugs. All the ones I have seen fall in line with the list he has already mentioned. It WILL need work and some experience with 3DS Max to massage into something usable. And at this point I'd also like to delve further and try to get accessories and weapons added on if I can.

    Here's my current progress pretty much straight off the import:

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    Nice one. I do note that your UVs seem to be intact whereas the 3DRipper one screws it up for some reason. Might be my system, might be something that generally happens with 3DR. When I write up my technique on psumods I'll re-post here heh.

    I may want to give your method a whirl anyway as I'm interested in what else Ninjaripper might preserve that 3DR fails to.

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    A small update. On a whim I decided to export an unmodified version to an OBJ file and uploaded to shapeways to see what their system would spit back out. Although they have an option for colored plastics I decided to forego that and not include the texture maps. I don't have screenshots in front of me but in their viewer everything looks spot on at quick glance. Hair is going to be messed up because that is primarily texture based. And every poly is super visible. Only had a few warnings come up regarding some parts being too close. At a 6" tall scale the cost was showing around $35 to print.

    Still more tweaking to do and I want to smooth out some of the more annoying blocky areas but its nice to know its mostly good to go.

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    my main problem is that i'm always chaning my char's look. xD

    ill probably use solidworks to model my char.
    Graphics Designer/Product Designer/Illustrator/General handy guy/not taking any requests right now.

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    Something to be aware of for Ninja Ripper is it'll rip models in the bind pose. This has its advantages but this does mean that it will lose things like body shape and face shape modifiers, as these are dependent on modified bones. It also means poses won't work as it'll revert the skeleton to bind.
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