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    Default PSO2 Mod Thread

    Disclaimer: This thread is to promote primarily aesthetic modifications. This is NOT about altering the way the game plays functionally.

    This stuff is NOT condoned by SEGA. I would avoid making your character names and player ID's known when posting related pictures on big JP sites. Someone I know got a 24 hour temp ban for an outfit swap. Posting here and Youtube is probably fine with IDs omitted, but this is just an FYI to everyone. I'm not responsible if something does happen for whatever reason.

    Take care to hide your ID if you post media publicly. Sega is NOT actively hunting people. If you keep your ID out of mod related media, you should be fine.

    Welcome to the PSO2 Mod thread! The primary focus of this thread will be to create a place to store mods people have made for this game and give others ready access to them. For more swift questions and answers, please refer to the discord server:
    I don't actively watch PSOW these days, but if I see something there I'll probably respond within a day at least.

    **Getting Started**
    You can now use the mod loader in this video which allows more things and the ability to toggle mods on and off while the game is on!

    Or you can use the old method if you prefer:

    **Mod files**
    Our main mod site will be here:
    As of this writing, many things are being transitioned over still, but this will be the main hub for future mod postings

    This site has some more mods, but is being phased out:
    Below, you can find a number of the earlier mods that were made.

    Do let me know if any file links die please.


    Q. Is this compatible with the English patch?
    A. Yes! If something overwrites some text, let me know, but test it with the English patch alone to make sure that it's not just the patch missing some text to start with.

    Q. Will these work with EP4's new graphics setting?
    A. I honestly don't know. At the very least, some mods may have to be upgraded to take advantage of it. I really have no idea as of right now though.
    Everything works more or less with ep4 overall. Of course, lighting changes can affect some things a bit.

    Q. Are these compatible with other regions of PSO2?
    A. These mods are for JP PSO2 for now, but if there's enough interest than I could add a section for SEA PSO2 mods and what not.

    Q. Will these permanently alter my game?
    A. The game checks with the official launcher for file irregularities at launch. This is why we need to launch the game without it. Thankfully, this also means that you should be safe from having to reinstall the game entirely if you ever do something dumb.

    Q. Will I get in trouble for using this?
    A. It's pretty rare that you would, but you shouldn't be found out just for playing with modified files. As long as you don't show off your names or player id when sharing screenshots or vids, you're pretty much guaranteed to be fine. Even then, on most English sites it's probably okay anyways.

    Q. These don't work for my game D:
    A. Be sure you've downloaded the checksum file provided above and applied it. The game will refuse to load mods without it. In addition, the game uses some files redundantly and so some area mods may not apply in all places the game can use them. This can potentially be corrected, but be aware of this for cutscenes and the like.

    Q. Can I make my own mods?
    A. Yes! And I've made a guide here:

    Use this guide and refer to the old one only if you like details.:
    The old guide is mostly correct with minor inaccuracies I don't really want to go and fix right now.
    I'm willing to answer any questions, but I'll get back to you fastest in the mod discord:

    Q. Is there a list of what's what?
    A. We're working on one! You can find it here and comment if you have something to add. If you want to mess with it directly, please message Arredoval about that. Note that some things, like hair, need to be repacked to be swapped properly. Weapons and skyboxes seem to swap among each other very nicely though. There's also this list of filenames from the contents of every ICE archive up to the 4/27/16 patch for those who might find it useful:

    Q. Can I make and submit a music mod?
    A. Yes, but it's not a topic I've looked into and so I can't offer any advice for getting started with them to begin with. However as I recall, you do not need .ICE file tools to deal with these. There is a guide to working with them floating around somewhere if I recall correctly though.

    Q. I want to make a lewd dakimakura pillow camo! Can I submit that here? ;3
    A. ...PM me and I can see about putting explicit mods in another section of the file storage. Due to PSOW rulings, they will not be directly linked here.

    Q. X mod(s) suck!
    A. People make these in their spare time. Some, including me, *may* feel like improving them to fix issues and such at a point, if possible, but other things go on in our lives.

    A. This is not a question. Regardless, these only affect the people using them and do not alter gameplay. You're perfectly welcome to go about your day playing the way you like :^)
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