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    Default Game crashing for seemingly no reason?

    I started TAs less than an hour ago with a PUG. Got through Nab1, Nab2, and Lili just fine with no issues. Ran Amdu, game crashes soon after entering last area. Log back in, join same party at Sanctum. Game crashes again soon after 2nd area starts. What the fuck is going on here? I only use vanilla launcher and updated just fine.

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    Try deleting the user.pso2 file in your documents folder (or preferably replacing with an old backup since it stores your settings and login info). 90% of the crashes that I get are due to that getting corrupted, and usually it's just limited to one specific thing like a crash only when I approach 1 certain lobby NPC, or go to the portal for the Magatsu EQ.

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    You may want to run a file check to see if a file was corrupted or missing. Even though it installed fine, that doesn't necessarily that it did not skip or partially install a file or two.

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