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Thread: Pet Expense

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    thanks BWS-1


    I've always loved cats to the point I learned how to treat cats up to moderate conditions. Anything beyond that, or anything indicative of something worse means a trip to the vet.

    Strength of Cats:

    ~They Clot Blood faster than humans and with greater precision than humans post-injury.
    ~They are extremely agile for a creature its size
    ~They can smell and hear better than humans can
    ~They can break down and process meat better than humans as cats are Carnivores

    Weakness of Cats

    ~Virtually no resistance to toxins or poisons
    ~Centralized Offensive Capabilities (their claws and momentum vs smaller targets)
    ~Dependent on their tails for landing correctly (no tail = cats wont land on all fours)
    ~Cats can eat some plants, but very few.....if not careful, cats will throw up....


    but yes...
    Regardless what happens...
    My mother and I now split the cost of a cat between several homes.

    My greatest fear is that where I live, a lot of animals go missing and one of the things I require when having cats is that I like outdoor cats. I don't like keeping a cat indoors to stare at four walls for its entire lifespan. In my own personal opinion, that is not different than caging a cat in another environment, even if the intention is to be caring, giving, and supportive.

    As a Joke I used to say "God Spelled Backwards is DOG.....maybe God is a Canine?" at any rate...

    The one thing I fear is the law in Massachusetts.

    If a Dog attacks another human being, and that human being sustains serious injury, the owner becomes responsible for all the injuries the dog inflicted upon another, and the dog can be put to death by lethal injection as well. I do not want to ever have to deal with that....
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    I'm glad I was able to learn about the costs. Me and my fiancé will have a few pets so now we will be prepared for the expenses when we get them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strobo_Lemon View Post
    I don't have any pets, so I just settle for looking at cat/dog pictures online.

    Best of all... it's free!
    You should definitely get a pet! Pets are cool.

    Quote Originally Posted by vbetts View Post
    I've got my Buddy, an 11 year old cocker spaniel. Had him since he was a puppy.

    But he's getting on in years.

    He has to have certain food, which is not cheap. That's about $50 every couple months.

    He has to have his ears checked out for ear infections every 3 months. That's $40 a visit, even more if they find anything.

    He has arthritis. So he takes pain meds, and a vitamin supplement to boost his joint strength. That's $100 every 120 pills, and $50 for 25 vitamin supplements.

    The amount of water he drinks really doesn't add to much to my water usage(Hardly use any water so it's hard to really single it out), but it's not cheap.
    I can relate to this. I love big dog breeds and they tend to have arthritis and other joint problems. If you want to have a dog like a golden retriever or german shepherd than you should consider getting joint supplements for dogs as earlier as possible. These might not only extend your pet's lifespan but also keep them healthy and happy.

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