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    Default Article: Phantasy Star Online ... for Gamecube?

    Cube writes, ""The real deal." Sources close to Sega Europe have indicated that Sonic Team's incredible online RPG is to be announced by Sega for Gamecube next week! "

    This article is more news from the rumor mill. PSOW staff members Mistkerl Zwo and myself will be attending E3, so expect updates and pictures regarding all things PSO (v2 and more..) on a regular basis during E3 time. According to insiders a game "similar" to Phantasy Star Online is to be revealed for Gamecube at E3 next week. Two sources have confirmed today that several Gamecube games will be shown at the expo. Sega is to show at least 10 title behind closed doors on the Sega stand, including Xbox, PlayStation 2 and Game Boy Advance product. Rumours have been circulating for some time that Sega and Nintendo were collaborating on an online RPG playable across both Dreamcast and Gamecube. Early indications point to something slightly different, possibly even a completely exclusive PSO title for the Nintendo machine, not Phantasy Star Online 2 as previously thought. Naka-san, the head of the legendary development team behind the Dreamcast classic, is known to be fully discussing the second instalment on the Sega console. Sega is holding a press conference at E3, and I will be there to give PSOW the low-down. Looks like big news is going to be announced!!!!!!!
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    Default Re: Phantasy Star Online Confirmed... FOR GAMECUBE!

    Unique PSO product = BAD. PSO2 on multiplatform, with interoperability = GOOD

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    Default Re: Phantasy Star Online Confirmed... FOR GAMECUBE!

    PSO+Dreamcast=Very Good
    I say leave PSO on the Dreamcast, why ruin a great by putting it on the GC, it will destory PSO's great name.
    In short PSO on GC bad. If it goes on the Crapstation 2 it will be worst.

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    Default Re: Phantasy Star Online Confirmed... FOR GAMECUBE!

    If PSO stays exclusively on dreamcast, it would probably die with the system. Everyone thats wise (and has the money) is eventually going to buy a system other than Dreamcast... you might as well have a good Sega game on it. :P

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    Default I agree!!!

    PSO+gamecube=get ready for the end of the world
    PSO+stay only on dreamcast= I think Im in heaven
    PSO should stay on dreamcast. People would want to by more dreamcast when PSO stays on for dreamcast.
    If the PSO go to gamecube it will just fuck up everything.
    Gamecube suks my ass
    Dreamcast playstation 2 and XBOX is they best they rock my world!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Phantasy Star Online Confirmed... FOR GAMECUBE!

    Pso 2 will most likely be on the Dreamcast. Later instalments will be on other systems, I love PSO and the Dreamcast kicks Playstation 2's ass. But PSO past 2 will have to be on another system. Lets see what the news brings! Until then lets all search for rares!!!!

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    Default Re: Phantasy Star Online Confirmed... FOR GAMECUBE!

    Forces Rule!!!!!!

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    Default Wouldn't it be fun...

    ...wouldn't it be great to be playing PSO2 on Dreamcast while interacting with others on Game Cube. Then we can tell them how much they suck!!! Ha Ha

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    Default Re: I agree!!!

    PSO going to the GC will fuck up everything? really. please, explain how. how is this game on the GC going to fuck up anything? i would really like to hear whatever twisted logic brought you around to this conclusion. or is it merely ''cause Nintendo sucks'?

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    Default Re: I agree!!!

    well it will fuck up everything because first
    1.Phantasy star is a serie first brought for the sega consoles and has been since how long ago
    2.If PSO does go to GC they wll need more maintenance and the players already playing won't be able to play because of all the server change
    3.PSO should always be on dream cast for it is the only "cool" online RPG I ever played.
    4.Nintendo suks bals through my ass

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