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    Default Article: PSO Character Manager Tool

    PSO-World is pleased to announce a new PSO helper program/tool created by one of our members, downloads section.
    This awesome tool will let you plan your characters from the start. You can choose a specific class and plan the growth of your character. It keeps track of your character's stats including the materials you have used or plan to use. It will give you the estimated stats for every level and definite stats for every 5 levels and the max stats for each class. The program also includes a simplified mag stat tracker, so you can calculate your stat with the mag enhancement. It also comes with an automated section id calculator. This program also comes with a save function so you can save your character's profile and load it later when you need it.
    This is definitely a program that you will want to have if you're a an uber PSO player or if you're planning your next character. Don't miss it, and let's all give our thanks to Redria for this awesome tool.
    The program requires VB6 Runtime and that file. I think they come with all the current versions of Windows (many programs use comdlg32.ocx), but if anyone needs them, they can be downloaded at: VB6 Runtime and comdlg32.ocx
    <a href="][/url]

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    Default Re: PSO Character Manager Tool

    great, but... is there a mac version for it?

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    Default Re: PSO Character Manager Tool

    I just downloaded it and unziped it but when I try to run it, it comes up with a message that says: Component "COMDLG#@.OCX" or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid. Has this happened to anyone else? Is the download missing something or is my computer just messed up?

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    Default Re: PSO Character Manager Tool

    Yep, I got the exact same message.

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    Default Re: PSO Character Manager Tool

    ya im gettin that same error...plz fix it I would really like to try this out!

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    Default Re: PSO Character Manager Tool

    check here

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    Default Works on Linux

    I'm running it right now on Debian Unstable with the latest version of WINE. So far, everything is just great; I created a new character, adjusted a bunch of the information, and saved it. Looks good; thanks for this program.

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    Anybody got this that they can share a dL link?

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