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    Default Article: Are you ready for Illuminus?

    The official English PSU site has been updated with information regarding this Friday's update to the PC/PS2 servers and next Tuesday's update for the 360 servers. Check out the link above for full details! Also, feel free to join in our discussion on this update over at the forums.

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    Default Re: Are you ready for Illuminus?

    That stinks that PC/PS2 get to play with the new features for a full 4 days before we 360 users do!!


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    Default Re: Are you ready for Illuminus?

    you got all the sonic statues and the gag weps and everything, and you dont have to go to the story and buy the game for 40$

    its payback
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    PSO-World is a game?

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    Default Re: Are you ready for Illuminus?

    Yo, EspioKaos! I guess our ruminations about the 16th being the day PC/PS2 gets the update were correct, eh?

    I thought the end of the Cup would be the best time for the them to do that stuff, because they'd have it all wrapped up and out the way.

    As for 360 getting the update on the 20th, I'm sorry for you guys that it'll be later than us, but I think it's partly due to that you'll be able to download the expansion from your console, so exactly HOW many players on 360 will be missing out within the first week of it's release? And you're getting the expansion for less than we have to pay for it, too. >_> *watches Ace McPerson shell out 80 dollars for both PC and PS2 version*

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    Default Re: Are you ready for Illuminus?

    I personally don't mind since I'm not active, and might not be until after the expansion. But of course I will most likely have to reroll.

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    Default Re: Are you ready for Illuminus?

    I am wondering just how much content will be time locked. I was pretty upset at the amount last time.
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    Default Re: Are you ready for Illuminus?


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    Default Re: Are you ready for Illuminus?

    Can't wait it's going to be awesome! just wish hey had updated it all at once mean it's nice to have some of the features before the AOI launch but Where missing allot of the content which we won't even get all of it on Tuesday when AOI comes out. =(

    Ive converted to the dark side tks to Sonic Team and psu damm you lol!

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