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    Default Article: Aaron Webber Talks JP PSO2 Alpha on DualShockers

    The following video contains an interview with one of our former PSU GMs talking about the Japanese PSO2 Alpha as well as the series in general. While there is not yet a Western announcement, Sega isn't remaining silent about the game here either.
    Editor's note: Thanks to Aaron Webber/RubyEclipse for the shout out! PSOW has seen some good collaboration with Sega in the past and we look forward to seeing more from them in the future. That said, I will admit that the amount of news on PSO2 has slowed these past few weeks (particularly on our own news feed). This is for two reasons. The first is that the amount of official news has been very light since the announcement of the second Alpha Test and final release delay. The second is that for one reason or another the news that does exist has not been hitting our front page with the proper speed or coverage that would be appropriate to expect. For this I apologize and will try to rectify the situation. If you ever feel the need to get a jump on recent developments, many of our news items are first posted by the apt members of our PSO2 forum. Anyone who wishes to submit a news item can also contact me directly. As time goes on, we will assuredly be posting much more on this exciting release!

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    Default Thumbs up for Aaron Webber

    Thumbs up for Aaron Webber mentioning PSO-World at 5.00. It just shows how awesome this site and community is ^_^

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    Default Indeed. Thanks for the

    Indeed. Thanks for the recommendation Ruby!
    This was a pretty good interview in my opinion, especially on Ruby's part. He was full of energy and spoke very well with detail. Hopefully some more PSO2 news will leak out in the very near future.
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    Default This interview spoke to some

    This interview spoke to some of the oldies on here, and to that I tip my hats to you Aaron. Your right, we've all noticed the magic on PSO. DO take all the time you need, dev team! Does everyone remember the lonely feeling, the feeling of suffering inherent in the game itself? A strange cult hit indeed, lets bring it back with PSO2 everyone!
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    Default If it will get PSO2 to the

    If it will get PSO2 to the west, I'll happily send my panties to you. Just give me the shipping address and they are yours. =P

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    Default I took the silence or lack

    I took the silence or lack of news as a good sign that the dev. team is hard at work on the feedback the testers have done. We've waited years for a proper sequel. We can wait some more.
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    Default I guess we all have to wait

    I guess we all have to wait & see.
    Blink & you might miss it! ;3

    Oh, keep it 600x180 px & 49KB, yah?

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    Default Loving It XD.

    I just went and made a profile on this website because of this video. And I agree with all the previous comments. I'm also really looking forward to the release of this game State side.

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