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    Default Only issue I have atm, PSO2

    Only issue I have atm, PSO2 has NO console aside Vita (which isnt a console, but a handheld) so why ditch PSU? its still bringing in cash flow, so im confused, your still making a profit from it, but lets shut it down?

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    Default i don't understand your post

    i don't understand your post are you for it or agents it being shutdown

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    Default Meh, good riddance I say.

    Meh, good riddance I say. Who'd want to play with those juvenile idiots over XBOX Live, anyway. The PC/PS2 servers were a much more amicable community.

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    Default =[

    Ah... I met so many nice people on Psu. Like everybody i met was nice, and i only met assholes sometimes. I played for two years. If it werent for my one friend who recommended the demo to me, i wouldnt even be here. While he and many of my other friends who i got playing Psu have stopped, i havent. While i am getting sick of Psu's combat system because its absolutely horrible, I still like going on, talking with some people, sharing memories and stories, etc. Honestly, to me, this game will be missed. I felt truly sad when I heard this news, as Psu is one of my all-time favorite games, suppose it is time to move on, as this game has spanned for 6 great years. Cant wait to relive all these new memories in Pso2. So yea, we will see what Sega has in store for us. =]

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    Default really?

    You know its those bratty little 12 year old's. And all those pissed-off CoD fanboys, who always rage when they die. And also the annoying Bf3 vs CoD vs Halo war everyone bitches about. Other than that it is just fine, just depends on what games you play.

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    They didnt even have to shut them down. Sega could've just made the game f2p instead. And i really miss the pc servers. Had a lot of good memories on there. In fact why not just put PSU on Steam? Sega,over these past years, have been making weird business decisions.
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    Default about time they did it. but

    about time they did it. but now we worry about the psu player coming to the jp server and hope they keep quite. plus side that note that not only reason why pulling the plug for the game. but not gonna say dam thing about it. JUST HOPE FOR THE SAKE OF US PLAYER to learn to be cool and be nice and don't start no trouble in jp server if they do come to join the PC JP server

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    Default I think it's time Sega

    I think it's time Sega returns PSO to consoles now that the inferior PSU is over on Xbox 360. A f2p PSO2 on both Xbox 360 and PS3 would bring in a lot of players and ultimately an MMO's lifespan is determined by how populated it is. It's in their hands now and hopefully they'll make the smart choice.

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    Default well its not like PSO2 can

    well its not like PSO2 can force people to pay to play it, theres the flaw in their logic, why shut down a game thats still bringing in revenue, from a business standpoint, and sega isnt doing well these days finacially, they need all the money they can get

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    Default I have to agree, though I

    I have to agree, though I know a guy whos working on a server for the PC/PS2 versions, thats all I can say

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