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    Default This^I logged in just to

    I logged in just to post to this. F**k MMO's, I wasted 4 years of my life on PSU. I stopped playing a while ago for obvious reasons, it's about time that its dead. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to catch up after those 4 years of monotony on awesome games I missed out on...goodbye MMO community.

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    Default I can see a PS3 version if

    I can see a PS3 version if the Vita version takes off well, but I highly doubt there will ever be a 360 version after what happened to PSU.

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    Default well

    it lasted for 6-7 years. it practically lived through the 360's entire life-span. It started off really well, but as the years went by it just faded out.

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    Default I have to agree with Macman

    I have to agree with Macman we have a lot hope for the ps3 an for the vita that ftw and also for the PC. But no way in hell we want Microsoft put there dirty hand on pso2

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    Default Yeah, you and I need to

    Yeah, you and I need to finally do some runs together on PSO2, Ovada. =D But you seem to be pretty well known/popular so I may not get a chance. =P Take care, see ya. lol

    PS:P2i (JP) - Lacen - Male - Human - Lv. 200 - Hunter Lv. 50
    PC/PS2 PSU - Lacen Lv. 170 (deceased)

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    Default Fine by me. I'm a PS3 player

    Fine by me. I'm a PS3 player anyway. I won't be getting a vita though so I'm really hoping for it to come to a home console.

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    Default Finally! Seriously... I'm

    Finally! Seriously... I'm not gonna say anything else aside from FRIGGEN FINALLY!!

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    Default PSU's combat system was

    PSU's combat system was amazing and ahead of its time. The Photon Art attack animations were beautifully designed and fun to perform. The controls, however, were inappropriately mapped in the 360 version, which might of led to you not enjoying the combat quite as much. When I played the PC version, I mapped the attack and PA attack to the shoulder buttons (RB and RT) and Lock-on to (LT). This made it feel incredibly comfortable and easy to manipulate the camera and attack at the same time. Honestly, the gameplay was the best thing about PSU. S-ranking S missions and earning PA frags, then using those frags to buy expensive Photon Arts (such as Megid, Anga Jabroga, etc), and then leveling those Photon Arts and showing them off. It was very rewarding and far greater than the combat systems of most online RPG's today; much better than just click-click-clicking on stuff, anyway...

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    Default the more consoles the better

    the more consoles the better

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