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    Default Article: PSO2 (JP) - New Campaigns to Kick Off Vita Launch & White Day

    With PSO2 Vita launching, SEGA has released a number of campaigns to sweeten the deal for new and returning players. The campaigns include new registrations, character leveling, AC purchase, Web Money, and White Day (yes, you counted FIVE campaigns). Here are the details:

    New Player Registration Campaign
    [*]Requirements: Create a new SEGA ID for PSO2[*]Campaign Period: February 27th through March 20th @ 11:00am JST[*]Rewards: (1) Rappy Doll room item[*]Reward Delivery: April

    Level-Up Campaign
    [*]Requirements: Reach level 10 and/or 20, or log in with a character at those levels[*]Campaign Period: February 27th through March 20th @ 11:00am JST[*]Rewards (level 10): (2) +50% XP Booster,[*]Rewards (level 20): (2) +50% XP Booster, (2) +50% Rare Drop Booster[*]Reward Delivery: April

    AC Purchase Campaign
    [*]Requirements: Purchase 2000 or 5000 AC or more.[*]Campaign Period: February 27th through March 20th @ 11:00am JST[*]Rewards (2000 AC): (2) Grind Success +10%, (50) Grinders, (4) Grind Risk -1[*]Rewards (5000 AC): (1) Yellow Rappy Suit[*]Reward Delivery: April

    WebMoney Campaign #5
    [*]Requirements: Purchase 5000 AC or more (in one purchase) using WebMoney[*]Campaign Period: February 27th through March 31st @ 11:59pm JST[*]Prize: 1000 WebMoney points (500 available)[*]Notes: If you are a winner, you will receive a "Jackpot" screen after payment processing (pic here)

    White Day of Love Campaign
    [*]Requirements: Clear Client Orders from Hans and Ravelle[*]Campaign Period: February 28th through March 6th @ 11:00am JST[*]Rewards (Hans / Swarming Beasts): (2) White Day Rappy Mugs[*]Rewards (Revelle / Black Slaughter I): (2) White Day Gift Box[*]Rewards (Revelle / Black Slaughter IV): (1) Rappy Mug & (1) Gift Box[*]Reward Delivery: March 13th, 2013 during regular maintenance

    More details & pics will be added shortly. In the meantime, be sure to check the PSO2 forums for the latest discussions!

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    Default errata?

    "Rewards (Revelle / Black Slaughter II): (1) Rappy Mug & (1) Gift Box"
    Just a heads up... it's slaughter number 4 and not 2.
    "????????????????????????????????????????????? ?" as taken from the oficial site. Notice the "IV".

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    Default Thanks for pointing out the

    Thanks for pointing out the typo... that was supposed to be a IV. Fixed!

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