Phantasy Star Online 2 (JP) has received it's latest content update! Previously revealed through a teaser video back in February, this latest content update brings the White Day event, as well as the "Universe Star Collection" fashion update. Here's a brief recap:

White Day Event (through March 27th):
[*]White Day Lobby (blue version of Valentine lobby)[*]Limited time Emergency Quest[*]Limited time Client Orders from Shii
[*]New Items: Rappy Cannon & Blue Rappy Fan

Fashion Update (FUN Scratch):
[*]Hairstyle: Casual Long (male & female)[*]Accessories
[*]Cat Ears headband[*]Bunny Ears ribbon[*]Fashion Glasses[*]Green Eye Monitor[*]Red Eye Monitor[*]Cyber Goggles (red)[*]Cyber Goggles B (green)
[*]Blue Lava Lamp room item

Universe Star Collection:

[*]Emilia Replica Costume (female)[*]Guardians F Replica Costume (female)[*]Guardians M Replica Costume (male)[*]Marie Wind Costume (female)[*]Blue Rappy Costume[*]Hairstyle: Half-up Ponytail (female)[*]Hairstyle: Side Ponytail (female)[*]Accessories
[*]Head Nano Port (?)[*]Marie Headband[*]Wing Valletta[*]Black Wing Valletta[*]Leader Antenna[*]White Ribbon[*]White Side Ribbon
System Update:
[*]Updated My Room shop lineup

More details will be added as they are released and translated. In the meantime, keep an eye on the forums for the latest breaking news. Also, don't forget about the many campaigns that are still running. Thanks guys!