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    Default Ah, I see. Not a 100%

    Ah, I see. Not a 100% confirmation, but yeah, things certainly don't look good (hell, there are private MMO servers doing a better job than these guys). For now, I can only hope the Southern Asia versions aren't IP-blocked. If not... hey, F2P MMO publishers may be crap, but they can't be worse than how Sega of America treated PSU...

    ... as long as they don't make it "Pay 2 Win".

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    Default I would really wanna see

    I would really wanna see Asia soft do this. I'm pretty sure it will be super laggy believe me. I've been a victim. Not to mention a maintenance like every hour every friggin day. I'm pretty happy with PSO2 with eng patch. Although it can be quite annoying.

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    Default 2014. lol.

    2014. lol.

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    Default I got so excited years ago

    I got so excited years ago when I saw the PSO2 trailer... then I saw the gameplay...then I heard about the delay...
    It's just one disappointment after another with this damn company.
    Hopefully one day PSO will make it's return as a unique and amazing experience, until then we are left with this crap.
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    Default come out on consoles

    It be nice if PSO2 come out for the xbox one and ps4

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    Default So two years later and still

    So two years later and still nothing.

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    8 years later and it is finally happening.

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    I haven't logged into this site in years, and I gotta say, it will be fun gaming with you all again. You can register for the Xbox Beta with the Xbox Insider App.

    See you in Oracle.

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    I signed up for the Closed beta, along with a friend of mine.

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    My brothers and I also signed up for the Closed beta.

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