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    Default Article: PSO2 Western Release Delayed - Officially Confirmed by SEGA

    The Western release of Phantasy Star Online 2, previously announced in July of last year, has been confirmed by SEGA to be officially delayed. Originally slated for an "early 2013" release in North America, PSO2 failed to make an appearance at this year's event at PAX East and there have been no official updates on its release until now.

    "We don't have any specifics, but will update everyone as soon as there are more details to share," said a SEGA representative when asked about the delay.

    The Japanese release of PSO2 continues to perform well, with the game recently launching on the Playstation Vita platform. As of February, there had reportedly been over 1.7 million player IDs registered for the service.

    We will attempt to get further information on this delay and will post more details as they become available. In the meantime, be sure to check the PSO2 forums for the latest buzz and discussions surrounding Phantasy Star Online 2!

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    8 years later and it is finally happening.

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    I haven't logged into this site in years, and I gotta say, it will be fun gaming with you all again. You can register for the Xbox Beta with the Xbox Insider App.

    See you in Oracle.

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    I signed up for the Closed beta, along with a friend of mine.

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    My brothers and I also signed up for the Closed beta.

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    This thread was from 2013. It has been a long time coming. Crazy how long many have been waiting for this game. Everyone had their fingers crossed, every year for that one announcement, & it finally happened.

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    7.5 years. Its been way to long. I miss my Braver.

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    It's very humbling. I didn't expect it to happen, yet here we are. Plus, nowadays people don't use forums that much, but I'm glad to see some people here still posting.I guess I'm just old and like how things used to be.

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