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    Default Article: SEGA Reveals Phantasy Star Nova for 2014, Exclusive to Playstation Vita

    This morning, at Sony Computer Entertainment's pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference, SEGA announced its latest installment in the Phantasy Star franchise, Phantasy Star Nova. The game, set in the same universe as Phantasy Star Online 2, will be an exclusive to the Playstation Vita and will feature an offline, single-player story, as well as online co-op for up to four players.

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    The title is being developed by tri-Ace, also known for games in the Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile franchises. There was no indication if Phantasy Star Nova might make it to the West, but it is slated for a 2014 release in Japan. More details are to be revealed next week, during the 2013 Tokyo Game Show.

    A big thanks to everyone who posted about this news in our forums! We'll be sure to post more updates as they become available. In the meantime, feel free to check out the ongoing discussion here!

    Update: More details have emerged, courtesy of Shogai PSO and Mike in our forums, be sure to check them out in the forum tags above!

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    Default I'm getting a Vita and no

    I'm getting a Vita and no one is going to stop me, Sega please localize this!

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    Default Oh, great.

    Another PS game we won't get. Lovely. I've already given up on waiting for PSO2..

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    Default I personally can't believe

    I personally can't believe that I'm about to let such words be pronounced from my lips... but Sega, you are giving me no other option. Ehem...

    ... Fuck you. Just... fuck you.

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    Default I have no hope of seeing

    I have no hope of seeing this title in the west. BUT, I kinda want to see it localized and not selling well assuming it wont be free (but to be honest I would still buy it, I can't lie).

    As far as I know, hacking a PS Vita is impossible at the current time, so lets assume that piracy wont be a big issue by the time they release it (again, assuming it will be localized), so I wonder who or what SEGA will blame for PSNova not selling well in the west if they decide to release it outside Asia. I kinda want to see it happen because I want to think that it will be a wake up call for SEGA to actually start advertising this if they really want to sell it, if they want me to buy their stuff, at least they should try to sell it to me.

    I bought PSU, AotI, PSP:1 and PSP:2 because I played PSO ep I, II & III, but I didn't know PSO thanks to an advertising campaign, I NEVER saw PSO being advertised here (Mexico) and if I did, it wasn't remarkable and didn't made me pay attention to it, I knew PSO thanks to a friend, if my friend had never recomended me to give PSO a try, I can say I would never have bought PSU and the PS games that followed after.
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    Default Eyes roll out of socket...

    Eyes roll out of socket... wow, interesting...
    Now we all wait for the Rappy Deity of Vengeance that granted its followers eternal life to punish all humans...

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    Default Would be awesome if they

    Would be awesome if they released a new Phantasy Star for the 3DS with a rich story, though what are the odds of that happening.. xD If it get released over here I might consider getting a Vita ;o

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    Default Yawn.

    Thanks to whoever posted this news, but I see no reason to bother with this either. Phantasy Star is still dead as far as I'm concerned.

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    Default I have the Vita JP version

    I have the Vita JP version of PSO2, as we are clearly not getting it in the west.
    Although PSNova uses the same areas as PSO2, I doubt we will be seeing it here in the west, so if anything, I'll import again. If, IF we get it, I want to see game play before I consider it.
    Otherwise, it's just another JP game that we wont have.
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