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    Default Yes they are. And what makes

    Yes they are. And what makes it even sillier is that they have Atlus. If anybody, under SEGA, knows *how* to localize and sell a game for a profit, it's them. They have it easier than ever before, to do it. They could just throw it ATLUS's way and be done with it.
    Now some may say, "It might profit, but maybe not enough to get SEGA's attention on the first release."
    Thing is, it's still positive income and does something WAY more important than simply profit from a single game release. This is to hopefully reverse the "so obvious it hurts (but can't even fathom how SEGA business leaders can't see it for decades)" issue of how they let stagnation of popular licenses (in certain territories) effectively kill off their profit streams. The reason why more successful companies (with popular franchises) stay as successful as they do, is because they keep releasing games within enough franchises to keep them relevant. What hurts me, as a fan, more than anything is that another one of my favorite franchises is being allowed to die just because the company stopped caring about it.
    They are almost like an opposite sketch compared to Atlus and NIS. Two smaller companies which have less amounts of popular licenses, but grew a fanbase from Niche titles, remembering to keep them relevant with new international releases to the point that they command more excitement and purchases than a slew of SEGA titles that *used* to have international popular acclaim. If SEGA is saying they are learning from Atlus, let's start seeing some results.
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    Default That's one way of puttin it

    That's one way of puttin it lol.

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    Default bravo sega

    I'd love to say that's cool. But it needs to be available in the west too. I'm happy for the lucky Japanese gamers though.

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    Default It is funny that some you

    It is funny that some you still hope that pso2 will come to the west. Just accept the facts, it has been years already. This will never see the light of day here for us. Besides most of you have already invested a lot time on the jpn version, you really thing you will start all over from scratch? I doubt it.
    Tis the legacy of Segac, to just disappoint more and more. But they will no longer have my tears, that well has been dry for years.

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    Default likewise, I've been having

    likewise, I've been having PSU withdrawls since the servers for 360 went down years ago =(

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    Default You'd think that releasing

    You'd think that releasing PSO2 on the PS4 would make Sega more money, but it doesn't work if they ONLY release it in Japan. Come on, Sega, you have more than enough money to localize the game for the best selling game console in the US, don't you?

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    Default I would buy a PS4 if this

    I would buy a PS4 if this came out in US

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