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    Default Pso2.exe Entry Point Not Found (Can't start the game at all with tweaker)

    Hey hey! It's been a while but I decided to play again. I redownloaded the tweaker and english installer of EPISODE 4.
    I have ran it before on this machine with max graphics but now I encountered an error that prevents me from starting the game through the tweaker.

    Basically, what happens:
    Whenever I launch Pso2 through the tweaker, I get an error message saying:
    Pso2.exe Entry Point Not Found : The procedure entry point DirectDrawCreate could not be located in the Dynamic link library C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\Opengl32.dll

    I run windows 10 64 bits and have been running it last time I played this game without any problems.
    Found out the issue is the ddraw.dll the tweaker creates upon starting pso.exe, when I removed the ddraw and launch pso with the native launcher it works completely fine (Only when I do removethe ddraw.dll) But this leaves me without any english patches ofcoures.

    Am kinda at a loss, tried getting clean .dll's tries sfc/ scannow to see if I had any corrupted, but nothing helps!

    The total files it scans when I let it check for missing files is 57869 files
    Files to check for updates is 45604 files.
    [EDIT] I tried scanning for missing/old/damaged files and fixed all .exes multiples times. The troubleshoot options aint helping me here [EDIT]
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