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    Smile Looking for new team members for my new team

    Hey guys, If you want to join my new team, because my previous team, which i was an officer of, died out, and i decided to branch off the team and start something new (most of them quit playing PSO2, and also, I don't think anyone want to be a part of team that is called Strike-Team Lolis for some odd reason, don't ask me, my friend came up with the name)

    Anyways, my new team, ClockworkHeroes is now looking for new and active members, were an English speaking team, but we do allow other language members as long as they can understand or speak english, but there are other prerequisites to be able to join

    Prerquisites To Join
    • You Must be in Ship 2 in order to join
    • You have to at least be active, but being off the game for a whole month, you will be kicked
    • Like most typical guilds, please communicate responsibly, I will not appreciate inappropriate behavior or bullying
    • You must be english speaking, or at least understand english in order to join

    anyways, if your able to fill in these prerequisites, I will make you a full fledged member instead of a visitor, If you like to join, please contact my name KaiserLeospike through whisper or through ingame mail and i will invite you as soon as i can...

    Also, I am planning on creating a Discord Chat server for members who would like to communicate instead of chatting ingame, it might not be available atm, but if i would to get more members, its a possibility and i'll change this bold text into a link to the discord server for those who would like to join
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    Hey Guys Just a quick Update, I have just leveled up my Team, so now my Team Room is unlocked, Feel free to visit it or try to grow our Photon Tree! Thank you!

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