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    Default Next Update (Video) 08/10/2016


    Update Site


    New Live Stage Event
    - Earth Ambassador “Sachiko Kobayashi” will be singing an original song entitled, “Youkoso ARKS”

    Collaboration Godzilla (
    - Godzilla Lobby

    New Ranking System,
    - "ARKS League" (Aim for the top within a 20 person group)

    New Story Quest
    - EP4 Chapter 4 "The hand that guides Earth"
    - Enga will show up on the Bridge
    - Meet “Ardem” the leader of the “Earth Guides.” (CV: Yuichi Nakamura)
    - Mother Cluster Apostle of Fire, “Phaleg” (CV: Yūko Minaguchi)

    New Scratch AC
    - King of Monster
    - Earth Guide M/F Suits

    Additions and Improvements
    - Recycle your SG Scratch items for other SG Scratch items!
    - You can have up to 5 Collection Files (Only premium set user)
    - Many new chat commands
    - My Fashion chat commands
    - Change facial expression chat commands
    - New "PSO2es" Weaponoid Potentials Add
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