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    Default Phantasy star zero revival

    I am looking into buying an r4 card to get back online on psz . The only problem is , does anyone even play ? So I'm leaving this here for those who do still play and are interested in one last adventure in phantasy star zero , comment here or pm me so we can figure this out . I dub this , the phantasy star zero revival project . I will eventually make a Facebook group dedicated to teaching players how to connect to the Nintendo wifi server network and a hub for players to meet up and set out on runs together . I hope we can get a small group of players playing regularly.

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    Instructions on how to patch your game with and without the action replay and how to connect to the server . I havent figured out how to work the ds emulator to get it connected but I'll post here when I find out

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    This for ppl who can't get an r4 card . This video explains how to connect your desmume emulator to wifi , youll have to google "desmume wifi" cuz the links on the vid are broken and I doubt I'm allowed to link an emulator here .

    I'll be able to play with anyone who wants to try it after work today . Pm me or comment here

    I made a group for those interested . Hope to see you there
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    last update . this is a step by step guide on getting your ds emulator online

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    Hey really good stuff man I'll be a maybe but I'll join your group in case I do get the R4.

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    Very interested in this. A buddy of mine told me about this thread and if I can get the means to play PS0, I certainly will.
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    Sorry for the late reply , lost r4 card. Getting new one for Christmas and I'll be ready

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    Okay, let us know when you are set up to play on altwfc and I will do some runs with you.

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    It's hard to find a good place to buy them , I'm trying now so hopefully it works but it'll be a month till it gets here Is what they're saying ...

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    Alright I got everything working if anyone still wants to play

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