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    My power was out yesterday, and I picked up my DSi as it was the only device in my house that actually still had a charge on it and started playing PSZ again for the first time in two years. I forgot how much fun it was, and if I can find my old flash cart I would definitely be interested in joining this!

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    Hopefully you find it !

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    ~2500 views yet nobody posts... does anyone want to do some rounds? I am checking here on a weekly basis.

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    Been busy with finals but I'm free now

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    Unfortunately I didnt look at the forums over the weekend. But I am available to play!

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    Okay, let's play on Saturday. What time is good for you? I am in UK so can do 9pm BST if that works?

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    Saturday at 9pm BST works for me

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    Trying to connect now but getting an error code 20100. I last played online a couple of weeks back and it was fine then but seems not to work sometimes.

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    Just checked the altwfc error list. My settings are definitely okay as like I said, it worked a couple of weeks back. Maybe the server is down for maintenance.

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    I'll try it in a couple of hours and let you know if I get the same error.

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