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    Confirmed best server.

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    I signed up last night. Seems pretty cool so far.
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    I can vouch this server is amazing~ Having so much more fun then on PSO2 with it and I never gave BB a proper go before.

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    He just copypasted the log, which is mostly SOHO talking, and then for the remaining pages he just went to psow and copied the ep4 thread salt.

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    I've only signed up recently, and I have a question regarding if it has controller support. If not, that's fine, I've already played on a couple of other BB servers that didn't have that.
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    I'm pretty sure every BB server has controller support (since SEGA BB itself had it), but Ephinea definitely supports controllers fine.

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    Amazing server. Great people.

    I will be streaming this weekend on

    Come one over and I can answer your question about the server or PSO in general.

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    Its freaking funny how PSOWORLD let you guy post and talk about private server Names in this topic.. I guess the Adim and Moderators don't give a crap anymore about the rules lol......oh well.....lmao

    Anyways back to the topic in hand.

    I have to say this is the Best of the Best Private server ever made. Its way better than Ultima server and Other server that for sure. This is a server don't ask for no bull crap donation. Great Team Support, Always updating with out you resetting the client, great support for all game pad controllers. YEAH THIS IS THE BEST SERVER EVER

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    I would give them a shot, but they don't support GC

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